Shakeology Protein Pancakes

Like most people in the world I know someone selling Shakeology. That friend very kindly brought me two different flavors of there protein shakes to try. When I used to really work hard at the gym (the Planet Fitness circuit is no joke) I used to like a 3 Weight Watchers point shake afterward. There is a flavor of chocolate peanut butter powder I really liked and Burke gave me a pink shaker to make it in! (Best brother!!). Otherwise I usually use protein powder when I am making something like protein pancakes. Here is my favorite recipe.

wpid-20140731_075336.jpg1 package strawberry Shakeology (or scoop of protein you like)

3 egg whites

30 grams quinoa flakes (or oatmeal)

2 bananas

teaspoon vanilla

Add all ingredients to a blender and pulse until pancake batter consistency.


Pour by 1/8th of a cup into a greased skillet on medium heat. Flip after 2 minutes.wpid-20140731_075950.jpg wpid-20140731_080010.jpg

Remove after another minute and repeat. Yield 15 pancakes.

Add some PB2 and watermelon and you’ve got breakfast.wpid-20140731_081625.jpg

**You can eat however many you’d like BUT to keep the WW points WAY down I split this with Burke and #TheFra.


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Links for the week of 8/24/2014

Not a lot of articles this week. Honestly I spent A LOT of time reading actual books! I also watch Persuasion with a friend. It was an EXCELLENT movie adaptation and I loved it. If you haven’t watched it go!!

I had no idea this Island even existed much less that it was a treasure trove of WWII artifacts! “Attack on Kiska: Untouched Relics from a Baffling WWII Battle.” Here

I find the idea of “micro” or “tiny” living fascinating. I wish I could do it but I love my books and yarn far to much. Well America’s first shopping mall has turned into micro apartments! Look at how cool they look Here

Some pictures from my Samsung.

 wpid-wp-1409449334670.jpegFamily time and the making of El Salvadorian Pupusas and Mexican Flan. (I am quite the cook!!)


She is just the cutest cat!

wpid-20140824_194954.jpgThings I want!!

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Finished Object: It’s a Tunic

When I graduated with my Associate’s Degree in 2006 I used a little of the money that my Dad had given me to buy yarn. Enough yarn to make a shorn sleeved top (I bought TLC Cotton). The top started, gave me A LOT of problems, was ripped out and the yarn was stuffed into a box which  I unearthed at the beginning of the summer. After much deliberation (picking a knitting pattern is hard work) I cast on the Athena Tunic  early last spring and finished it sometime around June. But when I put it on it was HUGE in the back. HUGE, HUGE! It’s the oddest thing that I seem to have lost the most weight in my back. So I ripped out the three needle bind off in the shoulders and made the straps much shorter then called for and I made the back dart about 6 inches instead of what was called for. The back doesn’t look great but the piece is wearable and I’ve worn it twice now. Once to the Tea Party and I wore it to work on Friday and made my poor co-workers take photos of me. wpid-20140822_114735.jpg wpid-cymera_20140822_131806.jpg

Please ignore my bat wings I know how intense they are but I wanted you to be able to see the back of the garment. 
DSC_8645 DSC_8646

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Book Review: Confessions of a Prairie Bitch

Once I learned how to read (I was a late bloomer) I couldn’t stop. It magically transported me away to magic lands, places where I was the cool kid, places where people understood me. Reading was the best thing! I will never, ever forget reading that first Harry Potter book on the plane home from visiting family in Texas and begging my Mom to take me to the bookstore to get the 2nd and 3rd books. I remember devouring Ella Enchanted (don’t watch the travesty the called a movie read the book NOW!), the Boxcar Children, Babysitters Club, Little House and anything else I could get my little hands on. As I’ve gotten older technology, schedules, tiredness have taken over my life and I don’t read as much as I should (bad, bad, bad!!) but it is something I’m working on. (I feel like I’m always working on something. Being neater, praying more, being kinder, reading more.) I thought that a good way to keep me reading was if I reviewed a book after finishing it.

I recently read Confessions of a Prairie Bitch (I got it on my Kindle for like 3 dollars). I should caveat this with first I loved the Little House show and that the books the show was (loosely) based on my Mom read to me. I was also Laura Ingalls for Halloween at least twice.

The author, Alison, I saw interviewed on Fox and Friends a few years ago and she talked about abuse during her childhood but didn’t go to heavily into it (or I don’t remember. I’m usually on my first cup of coffee when I watch the news) so I knew that she would likely talk about abuse but I had no idea what a heavy roll it played in her life. Alison candidly talks about her parents (who really in my opinion needed clued into reality), her abusive brother, growing up on the set of Little House and life after the prairie. I loved it. Once I started reading it (it was in the to read pile for almost a year) I couldn’t put it down. The nice thing was I had it downloaded on my cell phone so I could read it during lunch at work. Alison embraced her life as the “bitch” from Little House and has made an interested career both in Hollywood and being an avid activist!

I give this book **** stars.


Anyone know how to add my Goodreads account to my blog?

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Links for the week of 8/17/2014

It poured at the Farmer’s Market today and all I wanted to do was go home and nap afterward. Instead I met up with a friend from high school and we sat at an adorable cafe (Zummos in Scranton) and chatted.  It was perfect.  Do you still talk to anyone you went to high school with?

Some fun things I read:

I actually have trouble believing that these stunning objects are made from paper! “Beautifully Crafted Paper City Highlights Intricate Patterns in Moroccan Culture” Here

I love this post about debunking some more personal historical myths. People did bath in the 18th century!!!! Women also didn’t walk around town with there period running down there legs (*gag*).  Good heavens. Read about it here.

I always love pointing out a mistake ESPECIALLY in famous architecture. Here are some “Great Mistakes in English Medieval architecture”. Here

And the only pictures I took this week:

The most adorable little purple (very hot) pepper I ever did see.
One of my coworkers (who became a good friend) is moving to Chile to find herself. We had a perfectly lovely going away lunch.

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Sometime’s it is just about the shirt.

Do you have a staple in your wardrobe? To put it lightly I am NOT a fashionista. I think that I’ve become more adventurous since losing weight BUT I think that using Katie and fashion in the same sentence would be a stretch. But this year I have FOUND my wardrobe staple. The chambray shirt!

Just before I was leaving for London I was a nervous wreck that I didn’t have anything to wear and as if the angels were listening Old Navy had a HUGE sale on Chambray shirts which I had decided I wanted to try after reading this post on summer denim at A Cup of Jo.  So I grabbed poor Suzi and Burke and dragged them with me so I could try clothing on. I came home with this shirt and I wore it 2 or 3 times in my week long trip to London. When I came home I got one for 7 (Yes, I said SEVEN) dollars from the Adam Levine line for Kmart. I wear both of them at least once a week. Here are a few summer shots of me wearing the most comfortable shirt ever.

wpid-20140524_101849.jpg wpid-the-kearney-s-2.jpg.jpeg wpid-20140611_124403.jpg wpid-img_20140818_093840.jpg beach

The best thing is you can dress the shirt up or down. Roll the sleeves when it’s hot or roll them down when it’s cold.It’s versatile and comfortable and as you can see two photos up it looks great with a handmade shawl.

**Both Burke and Suzi love to shop and they love frozen yogurt. Both happened on this trip so they were happy. No relationships were ruined by this shopping. ;)

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Tara’s Birthday


Me and the Birthday girl.

I have a very small group of friends that are “the girls” you know that one group that can get together after not seeing each other for MONTHS and spend HOURS just laughing (and eating). Well mine are Suzi, Tara, Ali and Bern. Suzi and Tara I both met when I was a freshman in college and Bern and Ali were co-workers of mine when I worked at the ARC of NEPA. Tara’s birthday is in August so it was time for us to get together and shower her in love and food. She always requests my Mom’s famous garlic chicken (my Mom’s recipe but I make it myself haha). And for dessert no one asked her (I probably should have) and I decided on a cookie bar. Here are some pictures from the evening.  Continue reading

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