Links for the week of 6.22.2014

I love finding fun articles to read on the internet. I often post them right onto my Facebook page but I thought this might be a nice way to organize them. I’ll start posting these links on Sunday.

I am forever fascinated with the images of abandoned places. They have this eery beauty that I can’t get enough of.  Link

Beautiful article about the loss of a pet. Link

Baby elephants playing soccer. I don’t think I need to say anything more! Link

This NPR article about cleaning out the intter harbor is gross and fascinating. (Fact: I was born in Maryland and the Inner Harbor was gross 20 years ago. Good for Baltimore for cleaning it up!)  Link

A really interesting post about slavery in the northern states before the Civil War. “There seems to be a tendancy to cut northern slavery a bit of a break.  Smaller numbers might suggest less commitment to slavery or that somehow it was gentler than the vast slave holdings of the antebellum South.” Link

Sometimes I think maybe arranged marriage is the way to go. Here is an interesting article talking about that and really at the core talking about true love. Link

And a few pictures from my week.

wpid-20140623_145355.jpg wpid-20140625_213020.jpg wpid-img_20140626_100724.jpg wpid-20140625_080354.jpg



The South Side Farmer’s Market opened on 6.21 for the 2014 season and #TheFra and I went and bought a ton of great stuff. As I said before the Market has everything from fresh vegetables to meat to locally made honey! It’s a lot of fun to get home from the Market scratch your head a bit and say what am I going to make with all of these beautiful things?!

I was looking at the bacon I had bought and all I could think about was that I hadn’t had a BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwich in almost two years. (I spent last summer thinking that I was gluten intolerant so I didn’t eat bread. And what it a BLT without the bread?!) So I fried up the beautiful bacon that I bought from Quails R-Us sliced up some whole wheat bread from Beta Bread Bakery and #TheFra and I enjoyed sandwiches with a side of sugar snap peas (which I sauteed in some leftover bacon grease with pepper).

DSC_8294 DSC_8288


For desert we had tea and a lemon ginger scone with fresh strawberries from Purple Peppers Farm. It was the perfect day for sitting on the back porch and enjoying the weather. A light breeze just enough sun and no reason to feel guilty that I wasn’t being productive because I finished the gardening before I went to the market.


I spent the afternoon learning to sew but that is a story for a different day.


South Side Farmers Market


I’ve been lucky enough to help with the South Side Farmers Market for the last few years and it finally started this past Saturday. It’s the perfect sized market (ranging between 10 and 15 vendors a weekend) for people of all ages. #TheFra loves to go because she can walk the entire market by herself without help. It’s great to bring kids because they can spend some time playing in the field (running off energy on a Saturday is so important!) and it’s great for people who really believe in the Buy Fresh, Buy Local mantra.

It’s also a lot of fun the the Farmers Market is at the Scranton Iron Furnaces. The sight was home of a 19th century Iron company and is made up of the 4 blast furnaces that remain. I’ll probably spend a lot of time talking about the Iron Furnaces The site is right by downtown Scranton and in South Scranton (where I live and work) so a lot of people can walk (although there is parking for the drivers out there).

I’ll be working at the market every other weekend throughout the summer and I look forward to posting more about the Market and lots of pictures. For now I leave you with this awesome picture of my brother and a friend buying ALL OF THE THINGS last year and hope that you’ll visit me soon!

1375770_520295238065514_535916353_nPS: We have a wine vendor. 😉


The Battle of Monmouth


I’ve been an 18th century reenactor since I was 9 years old with the 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania. For those who didn’t know Northeast PA spent most of the 18th century in a fierce debate (and minor war) as to whether is was part of Connecticut or Pennsylvania.  Anyway, reenacting is when you dress and live as if you were from a certain time period. It my case it’s the late 18th century and usually the time period during the American Revolution. When I go to events it is often to a historic house or in the case where a battle took place during the War. The reenactors camp in period correct tents, cook correct food, have a pretend battle, shop at a market full of sutlers and generally live life like a person would have in a active Revolutionary War camp.


This weekend was the annual reenactment of the Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey. On Sunday my Dad and I woke up wildly early and headed to New Jersey for the day.


The Battle of Monmouth was fought June 28, 1778. The British troops (who had been occupying Philadelphia) were heading to New York City to help protect it from the French (who had recently joined the War on the Colonists side). Washington and his troops were heading out of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and were hoping to stop the British before they got to New York.

On the VERY hot day in June Washington sent a little less then half his troops to attack the back of the British line. For a mix of reasons this did not work and the troops were forced to fall back. Washington with the main body of the army attacked the British line again and the two sides engaged until the late afternoon. The British troops eventually broke away from the Battle and continued on there way to NYC. Washington wanted to follow but his troops were in no condition after fighting (and marching) in the heat. Both sides consider the Battle a win although I think it’s probably better to call it a draw.

This is the Battle where the legend of Molly Pitcher was born. It is said that a woman brought water the the men in the artillery line and as legend states after her husband was wounded helped the artillery line. There were women (camp followers) who would bring water to the wounded and hot soldiers but it is unknown if there was actually a women named Molly who helped that day. It does make for a good story and it is a fun one to tell kids when you are trying to get them more excited about history.  It is also, interestingly enough this was the last major battle fought in the North during the War.


The event was a lot of fun. There was probably around 125 participates and the weather could not have been better. Sunny blue skies and not to hot. (This was probably my third time at Monmouth as a reenactor and it has always been dreadfully hot at the event so I was happy today to not get any major sunburn and not feel heat affected.) I spent some time shopping. I bought a new black straw hat that I think will look great when I am dressing up a bit for events and some straight pins to keep the hat on my head.

I also checked out the new visitors center (which I think) is only about a year old. They filmed a really great new movie in what looks like an HD setting and it had some interesting cinematography. The visitors center looks great although I regret not going in while the battle was going on because there were so many people I barely had time to read anything.






Speaking of the battle, I went. I don’t always. Sometimes it seems like to much work to leave camp, walk to where they are having the battle and try and find a spot to sit. But the weather was so nice today I had to go. Being the brilliant girl I am I say myself right in front of the British artillery and I may never be able to hear correctly again.

I took a quick video of the cannons!! (link here)

If you ever get a chance to go to a reenactment go! They are a lot of fun and it’s a really interesting way to experience history.


*I know I look scowlie in the selfie. I’m still working on my selfie skills. I’ll work on it!! 🙂

27 going on 30


First off HI!!! And welcome to my little tiny corner of the internet! I’ve had a lot of thoughts swirling about in my head recently so I figured, what the heck, write them down maybe someone will be interested and if not what am I losing?  Here is a little about me and what I’ll likely be writing about.


 I’m Katie 27 years old who living with my 78 year old Grandmother (Called #TheFra from here on out).

I recently lost 115 pounds with Weight Watchers which is a wonderful program that I really believe in. I have about 20 pounds to go before I hit the goal I’ve set for myself.

I like to walk.

I knit. Not as much as I used to. (My job is eating my soul.)

I’m hoping to learn how to sew this summer on #TheFra’s ancient sewing machine.

I reenact the time period during the American Revolution. I get to wear awesome costumes and camp at historic sites. It’s a pretty great hobby. (I’ll also mention here that I studied history in college and spent a few years working in the museum field. If anyone is hiring I’m awesome! 😉 )

I love to travel. I recently spent a week in London. There will probably be a post in the future chronicling my trip so that I never forget it.

I like to cook and feed people. I’ll probably annoy you by posting pictures of my food.

I’m slowly discovering that I have a certain fashion. It’s traditional and a little plain. But I like it.

I am a nerd. You may want to saddle up for that.

I am not good at spelling and my grammar is atrocious. I apologize now.

I like to shop for bargains.

I have a dog (Phoenix) and a cat (Minerva) who live at my Dad’s house with the little brother. They are the best thing.

#TheFra and little brother (who turns 25 on Friday!!!!) are the most important people.  (We are in Williamsburg, VA.)