27 going on 30


First off HI!!! And welcome to my little tiny corner of the internet! I’ve had a lot of thoughts swirling about in my head recently so I figured, what the heck, write them down maybe someone will be interested and if not what am I losing?  Here is a little about me and what I’ll likely be writing about.


 I’m Katie 27 years old who living with my 78 year old Grandmother (Called #TheFra from here on out).

I recently lost 115 pounds with Weight Watchers which is a wonderful program that I really believe in. I have about 20 pounds to go before I hit the goal I’ve set for myself.

I like to walk.

I knit. Not as much as I used to. (My job is eating my soul.)

I’m hoping to learn how to sew this summer on #TheFra’s ancient sewing machine.

I reenact the time period during the American Revolution. I get to wear awesome costumes and camp at historic sites. It’s a pretty great hobby. (I’ll also mention here that I studied history in college and spent a few years working in the museum field. If anyone is hiring I’m awesome! 😉 )

I love to travel. I recently spent a week in London. There will probably be a post in the future chronicling my trip so that I never forget it.

I like to cook and feed people. I’ll probably annoy you by posting pictures of my food.

I’m slowly discovering that I have a certain fashion. It’s traditional and a little plain. But I like it.

I am a nerd. You may want to saddle up for that.

I am not good at spelling and my grammar is atrocious. I apologize now.

I like to shop for bargains.

I have a dog (Phoenix) and a cat (Minerva) who live at my Dad’s house with the little brother. They are the best thing.

#TheFra and little brother (who turns 25 on Friday!!!!) are the most important people.  (We are in Williamsburg, VA.)





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