South Side Farmers Market


I’ve been lucky enough to help with the South Side Farmers Market for the last few years and it finally started this past Saturday. It’s the perfect sized market (ranging between 10 and 15 vendors a weekend) for people of all ages. #TheFra loves to go because she can walk the entire market by herself without help. It’s great to bring kids because they can spend some time playing in the field (running off energy on a Saturday is so important!) and it’s great for people who really believe in the Buy Fresh, Buy Local mantra.

It’s also a lot of fun the the Farmers Market is at the Scranton Iron Furnaces. The sight was home of a 19th century Iron company and is made up of the 4 blast furnaces that remain. I’ll probably spend a lot of time talking about the Iron Furnaces The site is right by downtown Scranton and in South Scranton (where I live and work) so a lot of people can walk (although there is parking for the drivers out there).

I’ll be working at the market every other weekend throughout the summer and I look forward to posting more about the Market and lots of pictures. For now I leave you with this awesome picture of my brother and a friend buying ALL OF THE THINGS last year and hope that you’ll visit me soon!

1375770_520295238065514_535916353_nPS: We have a wine vendor. 😉



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