Links for the week of 6.22.2014

I love finding fun articles to read on the internet. I often post them right onto my Facebook page but I thought this might be a nice way to organize them. I’ll start posting these links on Sunday.

I am forever fascinated with the images of abandoned places. They have this eery beauty that I can’t get enough of.  Link

Beautiful article about the loss of a pet. Link

Baby elephants playing soccer. I don’t think I need to say anything more! Link

This NPR article about cleaning out the intter harbor is gross and fascinating. (Fact: I was born in Maryland and the Inner Harbor was gross 20 years ago. Good for Baltimore for cleaning it up!)  Link

A really interesting post about slavery in the northern states before the Civil War. “There seems to be a tendancy to cut northern slavery a bit of a break.  Smaller numbers might suggest less commitment to slavery or that somehow it was gentler than the vast slave holdings of the antebellum South.” Link

Sometimes I think maybe arranged marriage is the way to go. Here is an interesting article talking about that and really at the core talking about true love. Link

And a few pictures from my week.

wpid-20140623_145355.jpg wpid-20140625_213020.jpg wpid-img_20140626_100724.jpg wpid-20140625_080354.jpg


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