This weekend I celebrated Burke, the brothers, birthday (again! But I love celebrating for people I love so I’m not complaining). He, #TheFra and I went to The Savory Maza for dinner and afterward we went to the circus. #TheFra just read a book Flying Free: Life Lesson Learned on the Flying Trapeze which was written by the daughter of a friend of hers. After reading the book #TheFra decided that she just HAD to see a trapeze in live action. This worked out because the circus was coming to town anyway.

Dinner was spectacular as it always is. Pre-Weight Watchers I would have eaten a lot more then I did Saturday and for that I’m pretty proud. Burke and I split an entree (lamb kabobs) and I brought half of the meat home to re-purpose later in the week. We also had hummus, falafel and grape leaves that everyone tried. This is why we split an entree. I had a bowl of lentil soup (which I’m finishing today). I left the restaurant full but not feeling like I was going to vomit. PROGRESS.


After dinner we headed to PNC field to go to the Cole Bros Circus. It was more fun then I thought it would be.  It was by no means Barnum and Bailey’s Circus but it was cute (and petty cheap) and #TheFra was happy. In the end what else matters?


DSC_8407 DSC_8397 DSC_8449 DSC_8443 DSC_8440 DSC_8432 DSC_8413

***I’m trying to get better with my camera. I’m a work in progress. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Circus

  1. Based on what had to be really awful light (or more to the point, lack of light) I’d say the photos aren’t bad. You’re learning fast. 🙂


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