Life is an odd thing

A few years ago in July my Brother and I were visiting my Mom in Ohio (where she is from and lives not) and she was admitted to the hospital for an infection in her foot. She subsequently had that leg amputated. The following summer in June Burke and I went to visit and she was in a physical rehab center after another near death infection. And this year she is back in the hospital with another infection, a blood clot and a few other problems. I’ve never really liked the summer but I think that next summer I may just skip it all together. I’m telling you all this to explain a little bit about why Burke (and myself in a way) joined Weight Watchers.

After hearing all the problems that my Mom has you probably think that she is dreadfully old but in fact she is only 51 years of age and had her leg amputation when she was only 49. She has had diabetes since she was a teenager and only did a marginal job taking care of it during my life. That coupled with some depression are how I think she ended up where she is now. Growing up no one in my family ate well and as we got older (and I could make my own food choices) this got progressively worse.  Because of the poor eating, hard living and depression my Mom’s health has been pretty bad since I was in high school. As I said this all came to a pretty serious head when she had the leg amputation. It was early the following winter that Burke couldn’t find a coat that fit and it was the first week of January that we both joined Weight Watchers to try and grab control of our health while we were still fairly young. Burke has said more then once that seeing our 49 year old Mother sans leg and almost dead is what scared him into joining. For me it was a lot of things. I had already joined once so I knew what it was going to take but I was worried about joining alone because it is very hard to be on a weight loss plan without some sort of support. When Burke decided to join it seemed like the right time and I am sure somewhere in the back of my mind I was thinking about my Mom and what she was going through.


I’m sure that I’m going to say this whenever I talk about weight loss but if you are thinking about losing weight don’t think. Find a program that you think will work for you and CHANGE your life. In the last 18 months I’ve lost 115 pounds and it has changed my life. I feel better, I don’t get sick as much, I enjoy my cheat meals SO much more,  I enjoy traveling more, I enjoy buying clothes more (it’s actually become a bit of a problem), I don’t dread looking in the mirror, and I walk around with more confidence then I have ever had. Weight Watchers is what works for me and I am so wildly grateful for the program but all you need to do is find what you love and embrace it.

wpid-20130603_151556.jpgBurke and I hadn’t planned this trip to Ohio but we went to check in on my Mom, who is luckily doing much better then she was last week. We were lucky enough to see a lot of our family out there and spend some time with my Mom. I’ll write a happier post about that later in the week!



6 thoughts on “Life is an odd thing

  1. Congrats on losing the 115 pounds! I am sorry to hear about your mom, but it is great that you’ve learned from it and are using it to not go down that same path. When I was in college my dad had a Six-Way bypass, and thank God it went well and he is still with us. For a while I would get motivated to lose weight and change my body, but it would go away after about 2 or 3 weeks. However, I started thinking back about my Dad’s surgery and how I felt during that time. I have decided I don’t want to put myself or my family through that, and that will only happen if I put in the work to get and stay healthy now.


    • Thank you so much for leaving such an encouraging comment! I highly recommend finding a weight loss program that works for you (clearly I love Weight Watchers but there are a ton of programs out there!) and taking control before your lifestyle catches up with you! 🙂


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