Although Burke and I went to Ohio for a not fun reason that doesn’t mean that we didn’t do fun things while we were there! (Although I must admit after not having a cold for 2 years I woke up Friday morning with the sniffles and they continued all weekend!! At first I thought they were allergies but of course they weren’t!)

Friday night we were in the car from 11:15 am until 10 pm!! It was a terribly long drive (although no construction traffic) it just WOULD NOT END!!


Luckily upon arriving Rugger the chocolate lab was there to greet us and make us feel WELCOME!!


Saturday we spent the day with my Mom and for dinner we went to Marion’s Pizza in Dayton. The pizza is cut into TEENY TINY pieces and is VERY thin. But it’s good. Very different from the Old Forge style I eat here. What was really important Saturday night was that we got to see a few of our cousins (many have moved away) and two of our second cousins.

wpid-20140712_193044.jpg wpid-20140712_192916.jpg

After dinner Burke went to a bonfire at one of cousins houses and I went to bed because I had the plague and wanted sleep. (Sadly my sleep was interrupted by Burke not coming home at 1:30 in the morning and waking up the whole household including Rugger. Not good).

Sunday it looked like rain and after having bacon and eggs we went back to the hospital. Being mature adults we went to Tim Hortons and had donuts because life is short and donuts are wonderful!!

Monday it was time to go home already (We were in Vandalia for a whopping 56 hours!!!!) and we started the morning off with more donuts. Jim’s Donuts IS THE BEST PLACE and I don’t know why I EVER go anywhere else. Fresh, homemade, SUPER CHEAP, and full of regulars who hang out there. (When I say cheap I mean it. 2 filled donuts, 2 flavored, 2 large coffees $5.70!!! I had 2 donuts and coffee at Tim Horton’s the prior day and it cost 5 dollars!!)


And we started the long drive home. We hit Akron around the rush hour traffic and I FINALLY took a picture of the clock on the Goodyear Building. Akron was a boom-town for rubber manufacturing but Goodyear is all that’s left. 


We got back to Scranton around 4 pm and I ate some Italo’s and put myself to bed before 10 pm.



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