Weight Loss

wpid-cymera_20140722_075811.jpgI’ve mentioned Weight Watchers in pretty much every blog post since I started so I thought now was as good a time as any to talk a little bit about my weight loss trek journey.

I joined Weight Watchers in January of 2013 with Burke. He had been at Boscovs looking for a winter coat and couldn’t find one that both buttoned and that he liked. I mentioned that I had been thinking about going on a diet and asked if he wanted to join me. The rest is history!

We joined online (meetings are MUCH more expensive and weren’t in the budget at the time) and both had over 100 pounds to lose. it was a daunting number but Weight Watchers broke it up into small attainable goals (5%, 10% etc.). Burke learned about cooking (there is life past boxed mac and cheese!) and I really enjoyed helping him learn more about cooking. Early on I discovered Skinnytaste (Gina has NEVER led me astray. I also talk about her like we’re friends. We aren’t.) for recipes and Weight Watchers has a lot of recipes on there site. I also purchased a food scale (best 15 dollars I’ve ever spent!!), and I stopped eating fast food and drinking. wpid-cymera_20131117_213736.jpg

You don’t have to stop eating certain things (or drinking them) with Weight Watchers which is why there program works. I decided to give up those things to help myself be more successful on the program.

Burke lost over 100 pounds and joined the US Navy (I’m so proud of him). As of today I’ve lost 115 pounds and like to buy new clothes.  It’s not all been sunshine and roses (I’ve been hovering where I currently am since March) but it’s all been worth it. I’ve made new friends, discovered a new personality and I FIT INTO WHITE HOUSE BLACK MARKET!!! Which was a major goal for me. I’ve got about 25 pounds left to lose and I promise I’ll be having a blog party if I ever get there! 🙂


** If you are going to join Weight Watchers online I recommend either having someone in your life who already knows the system or joining meeting for 12 weeks first. Online is great if you’ve got a good support system BUT it is HARD if you are going at it alone.

If you have any questions about Weight Watchers and don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment you can reach me at Lookingaheadto30@gmail.com. 😉


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