Link 7/20/2014

What a WILD week I’m had. I went to the cardiologist on Wednesday (nothing to be alarmed about), Thursday my car decided it was no longer going to shift out of park (because putting the car in drive isn’t critical at all), and this weekend is just a mass of a million little things I need to do. Like organizing my life!!

Here are some awesome articles I read this week or websites I discovered.

A website with designer clothes for SUPER DUPER CHEAP!! Best thing ever!! Here 

I find articles about people farming in urban or semi urban areas fascinating. Little Farm in Suburbia Here 

Because really when isn’t taxidermy cool? 11 Historically Significant Pieces of Taxidermy   Here (I feel like The Bloggess should check this one out!! )

I convinced myself that I had e-coli this week (I should stay off web MD.) this article did not help! Globe Trotting Virus Hides in Peoples Gut Here 

And a few pictures!


No wheels means I used these two things A LOT this week. Which is great for my waistline BUT I pulled a tendon which kind of hurts a lot.wpid-20140726_130246.jpg

I feel like the building looked like a postcard. Sadly I didn’t capture it the way I wanted BUT I TRIED. Which is something.

wpid-20140726_120803.jpgNorthern Lights is the yummiest place for coffee!! All my friends agree.



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