Atlantic City

I’m pretty sure that if I was a random stranger reading this blog (Hello Random Stranger) I would think that I was a globe trotter. Well I’m not. I’m just lucky that living in Scranton means I’m very close to a lot of fun things. (I’m also lucky to live in Scranton because good things happen here to but that’s a blog post for a different day.) A few weekends ago I worked the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and drove down to Atlantic City to spend the weekend with some awesome ladies!

As I’ve said (here, here, here) I am a member of Weight Watchers and I found a wonderful place on the messages boards where I get to talk about myself, complain and generally just talk to people who get what losing a lot of weight is like. Anyway, a fairly large group of us went to Atlantic City to get together and just talk. group

It was wonderful to sit in random hotel rooms and talk about all the issues I have losing the last 20 pounds, or why people gained weight to begin with, the daily struggles. It was just good. I felt energized when I got back and happy. These women are my support and are awesome. (This also includes the many who weren’t in AC that weekend.)

Thanks Boardies. I love you!

wpid-20140719_202625.jpg wpid-20140719_202851.jpg wpid-20140719_202857.jpg
wpid-20140719_202915.jpg wpid-20140719_203429.jpg wpid-20140719_210333.jpg wpid-20140720_154006.jpg wpid-20140720_155754.jpg wpid-20140720_162630.jpg wpid-20140720_213730.jpg wpid-20140720_202312.jpg

As always to many pictures. I also want to say I don’t gamble and because of that I don’t really recommend Atlantic City. I would much prefer a quieter place with less people and less of the depression I think gambling brings. (The homeless sitting at the slots are a lot for me to handle. People bathing in the sink at Trump.)  The weather wasn’t great so I did spend a lot of time sitting in Starbucks or peoples rooms BUT that’s OK because I got to meet and see these women.


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