Arts on the Square

Last weekend I did a CRAZY thing and I stayed in Scranton. I didn’t leave the city once. It was awesome. (And since I have a broken car I couldn’t have left even if I wanted to.) I started off Saturday morning helping my tomatoes (they outgrew there first set of stakes) and walking to my beloved South Side Farmer’s Market. Afterwards I headed to Northern Lights Espresso Bar and met some friends for coffee and shopping at Arts on the Square.

wpid-20140726_125116.jpg wpid-20140726_123404.jpg
wpid-20140726_125221.jpg wpid-20140726_130246.jpgArts on the Square was much more then just a craft fair. There was free yoga classes in the square (which I couldn’t do because after walking 20,000 steps I had NOTHING LEFT FOR YOGA!!), a sidewalk chalk art contest, taste testing of yummy coffee, an instagram photo booth and a million things I’m forgetting.

I did a lot of looking (and a friend got me earrings for my birthday from Ruth Koelewyn) but I didn’t buy anything. A lot of the stuff was awesome but there was also a lot of the typical craft fair stuff. I love when fun stuff like this happens in Scranton and I can’t wait until the similar event right before Christmas. I did a lot of shopping there last year. Every year it becomes a little more important for me to buy handmade gifts with more thought and less of the mass produced stuff. But I think that comes from my time in the earthy crunchy Hudson Valley. (Can I go back?!)


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