Links for the week of 7/27/2014

Today I am HOPING to make a lot of salsa! I haven’t canned anything in years so I am a little nervous. But with the secret recipe of my dear friend Tracy and a lot of internet research I have faith in myself.

Here are some fun articles I found this week.

Last September a nursing student was riding her bike home when a drunk driver killed her. Her parents discovered a bucket list. Awesome things followed! Here

I’m not married and I don’t know if I’ll ever have that honor but if I do I want to remember this article. “What I Want My Daughters To Know About My Wedding” Here

888,246 ceramic poppies decorate the Tower Of London to commemorate WWI. I’ve been to the Tower and it was an awesome experience. I wish that this would have been up when I was there. Here

Did you know the FBI sends there training agents to the Holocaust Museum to explain how law enforcement agencies can become tools of oppression. Great article! Here (I was only at the Holocaust Museum once but it was a very moving experience. If you haven’t been a recommend a visit.)

And a few photos from my cell phone.


Just #TheFra and I being ourselves.

wpid-20140801_163514.jpgMy friend Suzi and I before a wedding on Friday. She was an awesome date.wpid-20140801_213112.jpg


The STUNNING bride and I!! wpid-20140728_191126.jpgThis yard randomly had lettuce growing out in the front. The owner said something must have dropped it. It was the healthiest looking lettuce I’ve ever seen BUT you can’t eat things grown in dyed mulch so they had to toss it. 😦


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