Mary Kay

A friend of mine recently started to sell Mary Kay products and asked me to have a party. But with it being summer the only time I had available was a Sunday evening three days after she asked me. Thus most of the people I asked already had plans. Luckily for me my friend Suzi was game and came over for her makeover.
Brenda arrived promptly at 5:45 and Suzi at 6. I put out some fresh veggies and watermelon (two of my favorite things) and we got down to business. DSC_8611It’s a very serious thing, makeup. It requires hand washing with satin hands. Washing your face, moisturizing (that may have happened twice) and finally starting to “put on your face”. I tried out the Mary Kay CC Cream which I figured I would love since I use BB cream in my normal life. Well I do love it!! (So much in fact that I ordered it.) Part of that is when I was much younger my Mom threw me a Mary Kay birthday party and the smell makes me think of that time long, long ago.

Anyway here are some before and afters. Enjoy my makeup-less face. DSC_8617 DSC_8622






And Suzi (who looks much better then I do!!)







Suzi is throwing her own Mary Kay party in a few weeks and I have the sneaking suspicion that I will be purchasing a few things.  Like this face system  although I’m sure I’ll only buy pieces as I need them!


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