Making homemade salsa and canning for the first time

Growing up my Mom did a lot of canning. I think it’s because that’s what her Mom did. Let me tell you homemade bread slathered in my Mom’s apple butter will bring you a lot of joy. But as much as I love apple butter it’s HIGH in sugar (and thus points) and it’s not apple season yet. So when I decided I was going to try canning it was with salsa on the brain. Purple Peppers put on there Facebook page that tomatoes were going to be 15 dollars for a 20 pounds box and I got the idea in my head that this was the weekend for canning. (It wasn’t to terribly hot just WILDLY humid!! and I had zero plans for Sunday.)

wpid-20140803_104140.jpg wpid-20140803_104244.jpg


So I did a lot of internet research (the links I used are included at the bottom) and my sous chef (Burke) and I got to work. Blanching that many tomatoes and peeling them isn’t for the faint at heart.



The making of the salsa wasn’t that hard it was actually the canning that I found WILDLY stressful. I did a lot of praying (I’m not kidding. Before I added the first batch of salsa to the jars I said a quick prayer and an Our Father.) and again A LOT of internet research. Just before putting everything into jars my trusty sous chef abandoned me  left for a run so I was quite literally on my own. (Well Phoenix was there but I put her in her crate because black lab and boiling hot salsa seemed like a bad idea.)

After they were in the jars and into the VERY HOT water bath I pulled them out and let them sit on the counter for 24 hours. Now I had a SLIGHT moment of panic when I heard them all make little popping noises but my Mom reassured me (much later) that that noise meant I had done it right.

For dinner I made corn cakes and pinto beans topped with my salsa, avocado and Mexican Crema. It was SO GOOD!! (And what I ate for many days afterwards!)



Salsa Recipe

Blanching Tomatoes

Canning 101

The beans and corn cakes For the beans I would NOT cut out the seeds from the jalapenos and I would add more lime. They lacked flavor. I’ve made the corn cakes twice now and I added some fresh corn on the cob this time and they were so much better!

*I only burned myself once in the process (I was using a wire strainer and a pancake flipper to get the jars in and out of the water so I consider that a win). If I EVER can again (which I might) I’ll be buying one of these.


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