Try the World

I stumbled upon an Instagram account a few months back called Try The World. They curate boxes from different cities all over the world. I wanted to join and thought about it on and off for a few months finally on the way home from Ohio they were running a Bastille Day sale so I decided to sign up. For $45 dollars every two months you get a box from somewhere in the world filled with fun foods! The first three boxes you know where they are going to be from and after that (I think) it’s a surprise. DSC_8791

My first box came over the weekend and it’s from Paris!  J’Adore! I opened the lovely (and great quality) teal box and found some fun surprises!!


The box was a great mix of lovely things! Fig preserves, nougat, mustard, finishing salt (!!!!), cookies, tea, hot chocolate AND salted butter caramels. I may have eaten the caramels as soon as the box came. *swoon* They were out of this world!!

DSC_8798  The Fig preserves I didn’t know what to do with but I was going to a tea and knitting party so I tossed it in my bag with some scones and off I went. The preserves were the best things that I’ve thus far tried in the box!! So good. The seeds were tiny and it was just sweet enough. 
wpid-20140810_133708.jpg       wpid-20140810_133131.jpg wpid-20140810_133025.jpg


How cute at the tiny little tea pots that one of the party goes made? The tea party was at my friends house out in the country and around 10 of us got together to eat tiny food and knit!! I started the Ginny Sweater for myself and as of last night I was about 4 inches in. The tea party was awesome and I’m glad that I got to eat yummy food, see some friends and get some knitting done.


*I highly recommend Try The World it’s a fun box and I think it’s curated beautifully. I love that I get to try things from all over the world and places where I will probably never get to visit. Also, I had to message there customer service and they replied within the hour. If that isn’t service I don’t know what is!!


3 thoughts on “Try the World

  1. Thanks for sharing about the Try the World box – sounds very cool! Going to check it out for sure. I absolutely love trying new goodies when we travel. In fact I consider the local market a required stop for at least an hour every year when we go to Prague. My hubby thinks I’m nutty but I love going up and down the aisles checking everything out!


    • If you get the box I hope you enjoy it as much as I am! When I was in London in the spring I insisted on going to the grocery store and an open air market. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip.


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