Links for the week 8/10

Happy Sunday!! I made a huge dinner last night (photo below) that involved my Try The World Box (French hot chocolate, mustard and salt MUST make everything taste better!). I amalso suffering from a dreadful TMJ flare up. If you have any advice to deal with it I am listening.

Anywho here are some weekly links,

I’ve been trying to start my day off with a few minutes of yoga. I am not good and am certainly not ready to practice without some sort of instruction. So I went to and typed in “15 minute yoga” and a ton of videos came up. This one was really great for before church on Sunday. Here

Anything involving chocolate is for me!! Here is a fun article about unusual chocolate combinations. Here 

Great articles about how museums are dealing with our virtual world “Museums Se Difference Virtues in a Virtual World” Here

Did you see the supermoon last week? I slept though it and looked at these stunning images from around the world. Here

And some pictures,


Minerva was a wonderful nurse.


#TheFra reminds me a bit of the Godfather in this shot.


Best dinner. Jacket potatoes (recipe from here, pork chops with grainy mustard, roasted veggies and dessert involved sauteed peaches.


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