Tara’s Birthday


Me and the Birthday girl.

I have a very small group of friends that are “the girls” you know that one group that can get together after not seeing each other for MONTHS and spend HOURS just laughing (and eating). Well mine are Suzi, Tara, Ali and Bern. Suzi and Tara I both met when I was a freshman in college and Bern and Ali were co-workers of mine when I worked at the ARC of NEPA. Tara’s birthday is in August so it was time for us to get together and shower her in love and food. She always requests my Mom’s famous garlic chicken (my Mom’s recipe but I make it myself haha). And for dessert no one asked her (I probably should have) and I decided on a cookie bar. Here are some pictures from the evening. 


This is Rasputin and I think this is the best picture ever taken of him. 🙂


Dinner, garlic chicken, rice, garlic chicken sauce, and Bern’s Magical green beans.

DSC_8762 DSC_8741

These two pictures about sum up taking pictures of my friends!! Always an experience. DSC_8727

The birthday girl really, really loved her Tardis necklace from Art by Starla MooreDSC_8706 DSC_8701 DSC_8691

The cookie bar included:

Sugar cookies (cut and bake)

Peanut Butter cookies



Crushed Pineapple

Mini M&Ms

Reese’s Pieces

3 kinds of sprinkles

Cream Cheese icing

Blue buttercream icing

And cool whip mixed with PB2!

I highly recommend cookie bars! It was fun decorating the cookies and they could be as healthy/unhealthy as you wanted! 



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