Sometime’s it is just about the shirt.

Do you have a staple in your wardrobe? To put it lightly I am NOT a fashionista. I think that I’ve become more adventurous since losing weight BUT I think that using Katie and fashion in the same sentence would be a stretch. But this year I have FOUND my wardrobe staple. The chambray shirt!

Just before I was leaving for London I was a nervous wreck that I didn’t have anything to wear and as if the angels were listening Old Navy had a HUGE sale on Chambray shirts which I had decided I wanted to try after reading this post on summer denim at A Cup of Jo.  So I grabbed poor Suzi and Burke and dragged them with me so I could try clothing on. I came home with this shirt and I wore it 2 or 3 times in my week long trip to London. When I came home I got one for 7 (Yes, I said SEVEN) dollars from the Adam Levine line for Kmart. I wear both of them at least once a week. Here are a few summer shots of me wearing the most comfortable shirt ever.

wpid-20140524_101849.jpg wpid-the-kearney-s-2.jpg.jpeg wpid-20140611_124403.jpg wpid-img_20140818_093840.jpg beach

The best thing is you can dress the shirt up or down. Roll the sleeves when it’s hot or roll them down when it’s cold.It’s versatile and comfortable and as you can see two photos up it looks great with a handmade shawl.

**Both Burke and Suzi love to shop and they love frozen yogurt. Both happened on this trip so they were happy. No relationships were ruined by this shopping. 😉


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