Links for the week of 8/24/2014

Not a lot of articles this week. Honestly I spent A LOT of time reading actual books! I also watch Persuasion with a friend. It was an EXCELLENT movie adaptation and I loved it. If you haven’t watched it go!!

I had no idea this Island even existed much less that it was a treasure trove of WWII artifacts! “Attack on Kiska: Untouched Relics from a Baffling WWII Battle.” Here

I find the idea of “micro” or “tiny” living fascinating. I wish I could do it but I love my books and yarn far to much. Well America’s first shopping mall has turned into micro apartments! Look at how cool they look Here

Some pictures from my Samsung.

 wpid-wp-1409449334670.jpegFamily time and the making of El Salvadorian Pupusas and Mexican Flan. (I am quite the cook!!)


She is just the cutest cat!

wpid-20140824_194954.jpgThings I want!!


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