Ethnic Carol Sing

Flyer2MCLong before I became the Elm Street Manager the  idea of having a holiday event in South Scranton was born. The idea was to bring the different ethnic traditions in the neighborhood and celebrate. Most groups have some sort of holiday in the winter so it’s a great way to bring people together. This year before Jill left she did the initial outreach to groups and I finished up the planning (and stole her flyer from last year). What happens is people from different traditions sing, play an instrument, tell a story, read a poem etc. from there ethnic background. It’s such a fun was to explore different ethnic traditions.Fra Phillipines sisters

This year we had some new groups and some people that we know well. It was also a very laid back and fun night.  We had people from the Philippines, South America, people singing in German, Polish, Latin, a Ukulele player and a fabulous sing along that could have gone on all night.


The Scranton Times wrote an awesome article on the event and you can watch a video of the African singers singing. They were great. Also, #TheFra sang in Polish which always makes me a little emotional. She is the best thing and I am so lucky to have her in my life.


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