Navy themed Party

Burke and IAs I’ve said the Brother joined the Navy (and is now home from the Navy due to medical issues). Before he left #TheFra and I threw a pretty epic party for him!table table 2

We set up the dessert table with a bunch post cards and note paper so that people could write a note to Burke and I would send it to him. They were also supposed to add there address to a blank address book. (People don’t know how to work address books. They just put EVERY single name under “A”.) I also purchased the little blue and red buckets and filled them with red and blue gummy fish. I also added wintergreen lifesavers. They went pretty will with my red, white and blue under the sea theme!!

First I designed (with help from the recruit) the invite. Which I loved a lot. Dont tread on me. Fra ordered ALL of the things from La Trottoia. A family favorite for good Italian food.

food 2 food

Then I went to Lynn Sandy’s Bakery (3 times) to order the cake and the cookies. All I really wanted for this part were anchor shaped cookies in red white and blue. Lynn Sandy’s didn’t have them BUT I ordered the cookie cutter on Amazon and they did the rest. The cookies were the highlight of the show for me.

cake wpid-20141025_110306.jpg


The best thing about the party was it was the first time in a long time that this many family members have gotten together for something other then a funeral. (Dear Chapa’s, lets work on that!)


#TheFra and 2 of her older siblings (there are 5 still alive)

fra grandkids

#TheFra and 4 of her 6 Grandchildren. Aren’t we adorable?

Fra and boys

#TheFra and her “three little boys”

Fra and the gang

#TheFra and 3 of her best friends. (The guy in the orange took all the images in this post)

I also need to thank all of my friends who helped before, during and after. Bernadette and Joseph setting up, Tara and Ali picking last minute things up. Erin and Ken (driving in from BROOKLYN) and then helping with the cleanup. And the million other people who made the party a great success. I love to throw a party but I couldn’t do it alonethe set up crew BABY Fra E


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