It’s that time of year

As I said on Sunday I am busily preparing for the holidays. Sadly, I have to attend a funeral this week of a consumer from my days of working as a residential assistant to adults with mental retardation. The funeral is of a dear guy who never, ever failed to make me laugh and my dearest Christmas wish is that he’s pulling pranks on the angels upstairs like he used to do to me.

I’ve decided to forgo telling you all about my Holiday traditions and save that post for when I have a million pictures to share. (Are you excited? You should be!!) I’m having a taco party tonight with some of my nearest and dearest and Christmas day will be spent eating Polish food.

Merry Christmas. And thank you for visiting my Blog. I’m really enjoying posting little snitpits of my life!

Here are some photos from Christmases past and leading up to this year:



We invited #TheFra’s best friend and Ed over for dinner Sunday. The table looks very festive. (That is the dining room tree. Not to be mistaken for the paror tree or the kitchen tree.)


A holiday wreath made of WINE CORKS. A friend from NY state made it a few years ago and I still love it.


Christmas village from another life when I worked in a museum. (Mine is the pink one)


#TheFra LOVES her white tree.


Christmas gift from my Mom MANY years ago. Stay out of my ketchup and no one gets hurt. Also, Heinz is the only way to go.


This is a chocolate log. It’s chocolate cookies with homemade whipped cream. SO good. I highly reccomend!


*If you need to make a holiday donation this year consider making it to the ARC of Northeastern Pennsylvania. They do a lot of good. Here.


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