Christmas Eve

I’m going to break the holidays into two separate posts because good heavens what a wild and crazy wonderful few days I’ve had. I worked Christmas eve but the Big Boss called and let us all go home early! (THANKS!!) Once out of work I hit the ground running  (went and cuddled with the dog and cat for an hour).  I also had to pick up my darling friend (who I’ll call “S” here) S who came from Manhattan to spend Christmas with my family. I met her through Weight Watchers and from the moment I met her I knew she was a kindred spirit. I am truly lucky to have her in my life.

I had a lot of fun putting a litle basket together for Sara. It was a lot of little local made products that I had gotten in a gift bag from Scranton Made's Holiday on the Square.

I had a lot of fun putting a litle basket together for Sara. It was a lot of little local made products that I had gotten in a gift bag from Scranton Made’s Holiday on the Square.

Anyway, once S, the Brother, #TheFra and I were all safely home I started cooking with a vengeance. Now Christmas Eve at my house isn’t …. traditional …. BUT it is delicous. We have a TACO PARTY! So I ordered chips and gauc. #TheFra chopped enough lettuce for the Red Army and I cooked the meat.

S doesn’t normally celebrate Christmas so she and #TheFra got to work decorating the dining room tree. (It was a lot of fun watching Sara be bossed around by #TheFra. No one ever puts the ornaments where she wants them.)wpid-20141224_173242.jpg wpid-img_06511.jpg

My friends started arriving around 6 and my Dad rolled in (almost late). Everyone noshed on the cheese ball #TheFra made. And at 6:30 the last straggler rolled in and we started our Christmas Eve traditions.

#TheFra and her cheese ball.

#TheFra and her cheese ball.

First we passed around the Oplatek. Which is a Polish tradition. Here is a quick video of #TheFra explaining things.

Afterward the Brother read The Christmas Story. The reason for the season NOT that terrible movie that is played for 24 LONG hours on TBS.wpid-20141224_184026.jpg

Then the eating commenced. Let me tell you it was a free for all. You’d think these people had never seen food before. I loved it. Yay for hungry friends who like my cooking!wpid-20141224_183459.jpg wpid-20141224_185047.jpg

After dinner the hardy folks (Mr. E, S, Ali, the Brother and myself) walked around the neighborhood looking at some of the over the top amazing Christmas light the neighborhood has to offer.wpid-20141224_200936.jpg wpid-20141224_201147.jpg

Then we had dessert. Cookies. Coffee. Nut roll. Fruit Cake. to much the perfect amount of desert.

We sat around drinking coffee until we headed off to my church, Nativity of Our Lord, for midnight services. The church looked gorgeous and it was the first time in many, many years that it wasn’t just #TheFra, the Brother and I for mass. We needed two pews! Perfect way to end an awesome night!wpid-img_06621.jpg

I’ll also point out that Mr. E met my Dad and it went well. Things with he and I are awesome. The pessimistic Katie is waiting for the other shoe to drop. The happy girl is feeling very blessed.


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