Happy New Year.

wpid-20141231_235418.jpgBoy oh boy was 2014 a year to remember. And move past. So many good things happened. Friends made. Relationships built. Travelling done. And  some not great things. Loss. Sadness. I’m so ready for 2015 and all it has to give me. To start the New Year right I did what I’ve done most of the past 10 years. And that is spend it with who I’ve affectionately named “The Girl’s “. We were all there minus 1 (Tara always works). And we also celebrated with a few others. Melissa and her husband Jeff hosted and Christine and her boyfriend were also there.

The evening started off with me getting out of work around 3:30 (thanks UNC) and going home for a little knitting time. Followed by Suzi coming up and getting ready at my place. It was a bit like we were teenagers again.wpid-20141231_183115.jpg

We picked up Mr. E and met up with The Brother and headed to the party.


Did I mention Jeff is a chef? If i didn’t let me tell you. Jeff is a chef. The food was phenomenal. I’ve had many a not great New Years Eve meal (restaurants are over packed, food is cold, service is terrible, overpriced). Not this meal.

wpid-20141231_200643.jpg wpid-20141231_194335.jpg

Then in typical 19th century fashion we retired to separate rooms. The men to the “Man Cave” and the girls sat in the living room watching Dick Clark’s NYE. I don’t know what the boys were doing but it must have been awesome if they didn’t want to spend the evening with a bunch of beautiful women. (#JustSaying)


I had a cold for the holiday and here I am with my trusty cough syrup. Who needs wine?!


The Brother and Suzi — being themselves.

wpid-20141231_193519.jpg wpid-20141231_193543.jpg

Around 11:55 the boys stumbled came in and joined us. We anxiously waited for the ball to drop. I kissed Mr. E at midnight. I took a #selfie with Suzi, Ali and Mr. E (like you do). And we went outside to watch the highly illegal very fun fireworks show next door. (Where Melissa’s dog escaped and tried to hide under a car.)wpid-20150101_000100.jpg

A good one from Ali.Who is always the life of every party we go to! wpid-20141231_235450.jpg

Happy New Year. I have a little post about what I’m hoping to do in the New Year drafted. So stay tuned!



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