Links for the week of 1/4

I missed this post last week. Who knew that life would be so busy in the New Year? Although this week is a little slower then the last month or so. While The Brother was gone I started having dinner Monday nights with the girls and this week we had Ikea Swedish meatballs, lingoberry sauce, egg noodles and green beans. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to keep in touch with Suzi and Tara since are lives are … a little crazy.

Some fun articles:

A wonderful discovery was made this week when a 4,500 year old tomb was found by archaeologists. The tomb is believed to be the wife of Pharaoh Neferefre. The name of the Queen had been previously unknown. So this is a WONDERFUL discovery. Check it out Here.

Some doctors are looking at historic paintings and diagnosing the people in the paintings with certain ailments. I’m a little on the fence about this. Artists throughout history have had various skill levels and I think that diagnosing through the painting with no context is hard. That being said it is also an interesting take on art. Read about it Here.

As a knitter I can tell you how important sitting down and spending some time with my wool is. I did not know that is was a proven fact that knitting cast off anxieties. From Mail Online Here.

So one of my guilty pleasures is curling up with a good romance. Jane Eyre is by far my favorite book of all time. Well I’m also an Austen Girl (tell me who isn’t?!). This Buzzfeed articles highlights a few of the gorgeous locations from Austen movies over the years. Here

Do you believe in vaccinations? It’s such a hot topic over the last 10 or so years (or maybe that’s when I became old enough to notice). I believe that if getting the chicken pox vaccine will keep me from getting the chicken pox lets do it. Lets eradicate the world of these terrible diseases. Don’t the people from the Middle Ages wish there was a cure to the plague. ANYWAY, Bill Gates commissioned artists from around the world over to start a open conversation about how life saving vaccines are. See the article and works of art Here.

Some photos from the Samsung:


Know what this is?



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