Girls Christmas

As I’ve mentioned (here and here) I was some pretty awesome friends The Girls and I have a long standing tradition of celebrating the Christmas holiday the Sunday after New Years. At that point we’ve all finished all are family holiday parties, the New Years Eve hangover sleepiness has abated and are ready to see each other.

As you may have noticed I love a theme. (Anchors anyone?) So this year when thinking about the party we I decided on a hot chocolate bar. I decided on this because Tara does SO much baking during the holidays. So I knew we would have a ton of desserts to go with the Hot Chocolate bar.

I simply cleared off her buffet and moved the Keurig onto it. I poured all the toppings I could think of into miniature containers and set it up in a workable/cute way.20150104_140526

We also had dips to start with. I used there recipes: Skinnytaste Hot Spinach dip, Crab Rangon Dip, Velveeta Rotel Dip  and my new 3 dish crock pot that I bought myself for Christmas. We had all the best vessels for getting the dips to our mouths and laughed a lot.

wpid-20150104_141748.jpg 20150104_140644

Over the hot chocolate we opened gifts (I’m spoiled). And laughed some more. All and all it was the PERFECT way to end the holiday season.wpid-20150104_171913.jpg 20150104_140717

*Sorry about the pictures. The lighting wasn’t great and I forgot my SLR.


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