The Pearl Buck House

The week after Christmas I went to Quakertown to meet Mr. E’s parents. I was both terrified (meeting the parents seems like such a big deal) and also a bit relieved. I figured if they didn’t like me it was better to find out a few months in. Anyway I am not someone who drives an hour and a half in the car without going to a museum, gallery, historic house, something. So when I out to dinner with a dear friend (who happens to be a curator) she recommended the Pearl Buck House. I had never heard of the place but she said that they would be decorated for Christmas and had nice tours. After much consulting with Mr. E we decided to go in the morning and take a tour. I pulled out my SLR (who was feeling so neglected) and had a grand old time.


Pearl Buck has an interesting life story. She lived much of her youth in China and that influence was seen throughout her home. She also believed in mixed race adoptions (both in practice and her personal life). Many, many children lived in her farm house. She also had a daughter who had something that we now know as PKU which is a protein allergy (for lack of a more medical explanation). The only reason I had heard of this is because a dear friend of mine has a daughter living a wonderful life with PKU (the kids Mom is a museum educator. Kid is living the dream! haha). Pearl’s daughter was institutionalized from a very young age and spent the rest of her life there.

Anyway the tour was really interesting. The guide showed us a lot of the things Pearl did so the house was kid friendly and you could see the Asian influence throughout the house. They also do a festival of trees and we got to see those as well!

Would you believe that I didn’t take a SINGLE selfie with Mr. E? He isn’t into pictures and social media like I am (in that he has a rather aggressive hatred towards it) so when we’re together I forget. *sigh*

After the jump check out some pictures.

DSC_9037 DSC_9036 DSC_9035 DSC_9033 DSC_9032 DSC_9031 DSC_9030 DSC_9029 DSC_9028 DSC_9039 DSC_9040 DSC_9041 DSC_9044 DSC_9045 DSC_9026 DSC_9027


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