Happy Birthday Mr. E.

Mr. E had a birthday a few weeks back (Christmas, Birthday and Valentine’s all within 60 days. It was a lot of pressure.) Anyway I went to his house and cooked him a pretty yummy meal. Skinnytaste sweet potato shepards pie and homemade apple pie for dessert. He seemed really happy with the meal and then I made him pose for a selfie. Poor guy.

wpid-20150128_195718.jpg wpid-20150128_200422.jpg wpid-20150128_201906.jpg wpid-20150128_201659.jpg

After the low key actual birthday I insisted that he celebrate with all my friends. So off we trotted to one of my all time favorite Italian places La Trottoria (we used there catering for the Anchors Away party.) It was actually when we came home from the Wedding Weekend so I was a little sick but I think we had a great time.

wpid-20150201_180402.jpgwpid-20150201_183042.jpeg wpid-20150201_180415.jpg

Happy Birthday Mr. E. I love you and stuff. And I’m glad you’re in my life.

Also, my dear friend Bern asked me to be a bridesmaid at dinner. It was the sweetest thing. Love her! Can’t wait to spend her special day together.


Mardi Gras

I don’t know if I’ve said here where I work. But we are a pretty large Non-profit organization that focuses on filling the needs of people in need. One thing I love about my agency is no matter who you are, what background you have, and what you need someone will try and help you. The agency has two major fundraisers a year, the Chocoholic Frolic which supports adult literacy and Mardi Gras which supports a program providing food, clothes, gas money to get to work or anything in between to help people. It’s a great help to the community and I look forward to the fundraiser every year.

The day of the event #theFra and I went to the movies and after I ran around trying to find a dress. I’ve felt really frumpy lately so I wasn’t expecting to find anything. *sigh* make me stop eating! Anyway, my final store was White House Black Market which was my goal store for losing weight. I can’t afford anything there BUT to know I can wear there clothes is such a confidence boost. They had a rack of 30 dollars dresses so I took everything in my size and went into the very fancy fitting room. And came out in this little number. *swoon*


The party itself had a new life this year (I’ve gone 4 years now). There was a new band who played New Orleans based music, fortune tellers, yummy Southern food l (fried chicken!), a mentalist AND a photo booth! I also dragged Mr. E, the Brother, Suzi and Tara to the event. And we are a group that could have fun at a funeral.

We laughed, ate, drank,  gambeled with fake money, spent to much time in the photo booth and the event raised a ton of money! I can’t wait for next year. And I think I’ll bring my SLR so you can really see what I’m talking about.

wpid-img_20150206_224154.jpg wpid-img_20150206_190030.jpg wpid-20150206_200906.jpg wpid-20150206_195412.jpg

Also, happy (?) Lent to us all. Are you giving anything up? Doing something to help? I’m going to make a small donation to Angels Attic when I get paid again and I’ve given up my favorite Mexican foods. I’m also committed to tracking everything I put in my mouth. Wish me luck!

Links for the week of 2/15/2015

This week I bought a new (to me) car on Wednesday (2012 Honda Accord) and on Thursday driving home from a friends someone ran a stop sign and plowed into me. I ended up hitting a wall to stop. Lovely. So now I have that headache to deal with and no pretty new (to me) car. 😦

Some links I rounded up:

Did you see how awesome Niagra falls looks? It’s so cold that it froze. Here are some shots.

Modern day Monuments Men? A community of people fighting back again ISIS’s looting. Read about it here.

I love looks at ruins and Great Britain has some of the best. Here are 10 awesome ones for you to feast your eyes on. Here.

As I’ve mentioned I have a bit of a crush on Richard Armitage. Well here is reading love poems. *swoon* with me here.

Some shots from the Samsung:





Links for the week of 2/8/2015

Happy belated Valentines day. I hope your day was full of smiles, hearts and maybe some roses!

Some articles I found interesting:

Since the New Year I’ve been dabbling in some meditation before bed. I’ve been testing the Headspace app BUT I find the price cost prohibitive. Here are some (free and paid) meditation apps. Here Do you meditate? It’s been helping me sleep.

Will you be my Valentine? I think if you sent me these vintage Disney one’s I’d be yours. Here

Some photos from the Samsung:


The Wells Fargo in Philadelphia is pretty epic.


Things I want for my next party.


#theFra and my Aunt at a fun Swedish dinner


My and Daddy!

What are you listening to? I’m pretty hooked on Hozier right now. I love his voice and the style of his music. And it’s kinda awesome that he’s Irish.

It’s a wedding!


I cannot tell a lie. I spent much of the wedding weekend sick with either a lack of gallbladder attack or the beginnings of what became a cold. But I powered through and had a wonderful time. I have never in my life enjoyed a wedding more.

Saturday morning I went up to the Presidential Suite (awesome) to watch the bride and her girls get ready. I stole ate a bagel sat back and enjoyed the show. But on a serious note bride was calm. Girls were giggly. It was a lot of fun.

Fast forward to 11 am and S. (Remember her from here and here?) Rolled into the hotel and the real party could began. And by real party I mean she and I squeezed into our spanx and prepared for our time to leave by laying in bed and cuddling. Haha (and waiting for Mr. E to arrive.)

When we arrived at the ceremony we sat close to the front so I could read one of the readings. (What an honor! I don’t think I sounded to crazy.)


What a stunner Erin was!!


The ceremony was beautiful. Funny. Romantic. Sweet. Kind. Lovely. Just like the couple. The reception was party time. We ate sooooooooooo much food and then we danced until the DJ stopped playing. Which isn’t like me at all.

wpid-20150131_200116.jpg wpid-20150131_165804.jpg wpid-20150131_183842.jpg wpid-20150131_181144.jpg

Morristown, NJ

I went to an ABSOLUTELY fabulous wedding over the weekend. By far the best wedding I’ve ever attended for two people that I met through Weight Watchers and who I spoke about in my Coney Island post. Ken and Erin asked me to read one of the readings at there wedding (what an honor) so I decided to drag The Brother down to NJ with me on Friday and hit up a museum on my way to the hotel. (Because heaven forbid I go on ANY sort of road trip and not see some sort of attraction.)

Well the weather people predicted that we would get a trace to 1 inch of snow on Thursday night into Friday. And upon awakening at 6:30 they were correct. However it was the next 2 hours that walloped another 2 to 3 inches of snow on the valley that changed my plans. After much thinking we changed the plans from museum to a great coffee shop in Morristown and seeing where the wind took us. (I have become very flexible in my old age. I think The Brother was shocked at how adaptable to change I’ve become.)

Phoenix had to help me shovel the snow.

Phoenix had to help me shovel the snow.

After getting away from Scranton there really hadn’t been a lot of snow and we didn’t have any problems getting into Jersey. Once arriving in Morristown we had to drive around a bit looking for parking BUT it was all worth it when the stars aligned and we drove past a YARN STORE. I may have shrieked and scared The Brother. That is how excited I was.

So we parked and found coffee from a cute little local place called Smartworld Coffee. Burke had the depth charge (think an Irish car bomb made of coffee. haha) and I had the MUDD coffee with steamed milk. We sat around the coffee shop for a bit (regained circulation in our fingers) and then headed out to the yarn shop.

Coffee and yarn. Dreams are coming true.

Coffee and yarn. Dreams are coming true.

I haven’t been inside a yarn store in almost 2 years. (The one I used to frequent closed and there just aren’t any in Scranton. Should I open my own?) Anyway, I walked into Trillium Yarns and it was the narrowest little space I’ve ever crowded myself into. The owner was very welcoming and there were a few people sitting around a table knitting. It reminded me so much of when I used to be able to sit around and chat with knitters. Knitting is (for me) a very social hobby so having lost the weekly sit and knits has been a struggle for me. Anyway, I walked out with a single skein of Tosh Sock for a completely reasonable price and the business card of the owner who said she did mail order. Now if only I lived closer to the store.

The Brother photobombed my shot BUT it was to cold to try again.

The Brother photobombed my shot BUT it was to cold to try again.

Is there anything prettier?

Is there anything prettier?

After yarn shopping we were hungry and headed over to Dublin’s Pub. Dublin’s opened in 1973 and inside looks like you’ve stepped into a pub in Ireland (someday I’ll post some pictures of me in pubs in Ireland and you’ll see the similarity’s). The atmosphere was great. The lobster bisque excellent and the fish and chips were cooked to perfection. The Brother and I had a lot of fun eating.


After lunch we headed to Rockaway and so began the wedding weekend. You can look forward to the recap next! I hope everyone is staying safe and warm during what is turning into a winter of crazy weather!