It’s a wedding!


I cannot tell a lie. I spent much of the wedding weekend sick with either a lack of gallbladder attack or the beginnings of what became a cold. But I powered through and had a wonderful time. I have never in my life enjoyed a wedding more.

Saturday morning I went up to the Presidential Suite (awesome) to watch the bride and her girls get ready. I stole ate a bagel sat back and enjoyed the show. But on a serious note bride was calm. Girls were giggly. It was a lot of fun.

Fast forward to 11 am and S. (Remember her from here and here?) Rolled into the hotel and the real party could began. And by real party I mean she and I squeezed into our spanx and prepared for our time to leave by laying in bed and cuddling. Haha (and waiting for Mr. E to arrive.)

When we arrived at the ceremony we sat close to the front so I could read one of the readings. (What an honor! I don’t think I sounded to crazy.)


What a stunner Erin was!!


The ceremony was beautiful. Funny. Romantic. Sweet. Kind. Lovely. Just like the couple. The reception was party time. We ate sooooooooooo much food and then we danced until the DJ stopped playing. Which isn’t like me at all.

wpid-20150131_200116.jpg wpid-20150131_165804.jpg wpid-20150131_183842.jpg wpid-20150131_181144.jpg


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