Links for the week of 2/15/2015

This week I bought a new (to me) car on Wednesday (2012 Honda Accord) and on Thursday driving home from a friends someone ran a stop sign and plowed into me. I ended up hitting a wall to stop. Lovely. So now I have that headache to deal with and no pretty new (to me) car. 😦

Some links I rounded up:

Did you see how awesome Niagra falls looks? It’s so cold that it froze. Here are some shots.

Modern day Monuments Men? A community of people fighting back again ISIS’s looting. Read about it here.

I love looks at ruins and Great Britain has some of the best. Here are 10 awesome ones for you to feast your eyes on. Here.

As I’ve mentioned I have a bit of a crush on Richard Armitage. Well here is reading love poems. *swoon* with me here.

Some shots from the Samsung:






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