Mardi Gras

I don’t know if I’ve said here where I work. But we are a pretty large Non-profit organization that focuses on filling the needs of people in need. One thing I love about my agency is no matter who you are, what background you have, and what you need someone will try and help you. The agency has two major fundraisers a year, the Chocoholic Frolic which supports adult literacy and Mardi Gras which supports a program providing food, clothes, gas money to get to work or anything in between to help people. It’s a great help to the community and I look forward to the fundraiser every year.

The day of the event #theFra and I went to the movies and after I ran around trying to find a dress. I’ve felt really frumpy lately so I wasn’t expecting to find anything. *sigh* make me stop eating! Anyway, my final store was White House Black Market which was my goal store for losing weight. I can’t afford anything there BUT to know I can wear there clothes is such a confidence boost. They had a rack of 30 dollars dresses so I took everything in my size and went into the very fancy fitting room. And came out in this little number. *swoon*


The party itself had a new life this year (I’ve gone 4 years now). There was a new band who played New Orleans based music, fortune tellers, yummy Southern food l (fried chicken!), a mentalist AND a photo booth! I also dragged Mr. E, the Brother, Suzi and Tara to the event. And we are a group that could have fun at a funeral.

We laughed, ate, drank,  gambeled with fake money, spent to much time in the photo booth and the event raised a ton of money! I can’t wait for next year. And I think I’ll bring my SLR so you can really see what I’m talking about.

wpid-img_20150206_224154.jpg wpid-img_20150206_190030.jpg wpid-20150206_200906.jpg wpid-20150206_195412.jpg

Also, happy (?) Lent to us all. Are you giving anything up? Doing something to help? I’m going to make a small donation to Angels Attic when I get paid again and I’ve given up my favorite Mexican foods. I’m also committed to tracking everything I put in my mouth. Wish me luck!


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