Links for the week of 3.22.2015

What a whacky week. I spent 1 day in Philadelphia finishing a 8 month work project. The Summer Farmers Market preparations are kicking into high gear. I got my car Friday but she still has some problems. And I would like to sleep till 7 am one morning! But today Mr. E and I are visiting a historic house museum and I have Thursday and Friday off this week! Yay.

Some links I pulled together:

This was a WILDLY disturbing story to read but also interesting. “A strange and lonely hero, SS Officer Kurt Gerstein who tried to save Jews” Here.

It goes without saying that I love cats! But what could be cuter then an Instagram account of a cat living in a FDNY house?! Squeak over the cuteness Here.

There is a man who is living in China giving people free taxi rides and he is writing for NPR about the experience. In this post he writes about attending a wedding 500 miles from Shanghai. Check it out Here.

I spent just under a year living in New York on the Hudson River close to Albany. One of the towns that was close to where I lived was Troy. Troy was a manufacturing town that fell apart when the manufacturing jobs left the area. Well it has had an AWESOME renaissance! Check out what they have to offer Here.

Some photos from the Samsung;


Well we bollocked that up. Haha


Kombucha from the market. A great mid week pick me up.


This is one of my favorite books from when I was younger. Have you ever read it?

What are you listening to? I saw the new live action Cinderella last week and LOVED it. The costumes, the scores, the views. It was wonderful. This past week I have been enjoying the score.


The Kilmaine Saints

My Dad and The Brother are members of a division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians. The AOH is a fraternal organization founded in the 1830’s by Pennsylvanians to protect the Irish Catholics in the United States. The AOH’s moto is Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity. Well a few weeks ago at the Nativity School in South Scranton they embraced the charity aspect by raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. The fundraiser was a 20 dollar ticket to see the Kilmaine Saints play and drink all the beer and soda that you wanted. The band is an Irish rock band who play all the old fighting songs with a good dose of punk added to the mix. The concert was a lot of fun. A lot of money was raised and I did a little to much dancing.


Suzi always takes such a … lovely picture.


My Father cutting a fine figure in his kilt and his Mommy #TheFra


Not our best picture.


Gag me with a spork.

wpid-20150228_220046.jpg wpid-20150228_220022.jpg

World’s End State Park

Sorry I didn’t post my favorite links last week. I went to the mountains with Mr. E and I didn’t have ANY cell phone service for 3 long wonderful days. It was actually really nice not checking my work email at all (I haven’t gone that long without checking it in a long time).


Anyway, we went to World’s End State Park and stayed in one of the cabins that the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) built during the Depression. Cabin 17 where we stayed was the most remote of the cabins (built away from the circle of cabins and UP HILL from them). Mr. E likes his privacy so this is his favorite of the cabins there. Upon arrival it was clear that he had never brought a female camping before because the bathroom was WAY to far away for me and up a GIANT hill. haha But that is honestly the only complaint I have for the trip. Mr. E kept the fire going so I was never cold (I was to hot for awhile haha). The food I brought was perfect. The long walk was lovely and provided perfect views of the Loyalsock Creek.

The cabins have a fun little feature of a journal that you can write in about your stay. There were 7 in our cabin dating from 2003. There were funny stories, tales of bears outside the door in the morning, mice in the ceiling, romantic stories, bored kids, people using the book to keep the gin rummy scores. It was like reading a fun time capsule. Mr. E wrote a lovely entry and I added my thoughts (about the bathroom being so far away.)

My camera died the first day (I forgot to turn it off AND forgot the charger) so all the pictures are Mr. E’s. So they are mostly of me. haha Sorry about that.  Continue reading

Grandpa’s Cheesebarn.

I have been going to visit my Mom’s family in Ohio my entire life. And for all the years I’ve been going we have driven past a sign advertising Grandpa’s Cheesebarn but when we are on the way to Vandalia we don’t want to stop and on the way home we come through this particular part of Ohio around 8 am. So they aren’t open. Well the Brother had a job interview in Mansfield, Ohio and we drove past the Cheesebarn again and this time we decided we were going to stop.DSC_9064 DSC_9066 DSC_9079

To say that we weren’t disappointed would be putting it lightly! SO MUCH CHEESE and there was chocolate shop. To say that I gave them ALL my money would be putting it lightly.

DSC_9067 DSC_9068 DSC_9069 DSC_9072

There was something wildly charming about the kind staff, lovely food, whimsy decorations, cafe menu and the wonderful old fashioned register. I am sad that the 84 year old Grandpa (who still runs the show) wasn’t there the day we were. He was at the second location.DSC_9073 DSC_9071 DSC_9076 DSC_9077 DSC_9078

wpid-20150303_133311.jpg wpid-20150303_134746.jpg wpid-20150303_142241.jpg

On the way to Mansfield The Brother and I met one of my Weight Watcher friends. Ms. Pokey is pretty spectacular and it was such fun to catch up with her and have some Cracker Barrel. I may have gotten a 70% off purse because shopping.

As always the Brother and I had a great roadtrip even if the weather wasn’t great on the way home.

wpid-20150303_153211.jpg wpid-20150304_091704.jpg

Links for the week of 3.1.2015

This week has been a whirlwind. The Brother and I went to Ohio and ended up getting stuck on Route 80 for an extra night due to a snowstorm. I did get to see a dear friend and I got a lot of knitting done. However I am so tired that I’ve been in bed and asleep before 10 pm every night since we’ve been home. (This carless, almost 30 year old has no life!!)

Some links that I put together (while I was awake):

Did you wake up last week confused about the dress that was taking the internet by storm? I did. Well the South African Salvation Army took that and make an ad campaign and shed new light on the idea of black and blue! Powerful image. See it here. 

Do you like Girl Scout cookies? (Who doesn’t!?) Well there are 2 different factories and the cookies are a little different? Have you noticed? Read the article from the LA Times Here.

Terminally ill patients were taken to visit an exhibit of Rembrandt paintings in the Netherlands. The idea seems similar to Make A Wish but it is an ambulance. It’s both a sad and uplifting story. Check it out here.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed I love all things UK (except for St. Patrick’s Day and the Fourth of July then I like the British A LOT less.) ANYWAY, here is a look at some of the lovely food you can get in the UK. Enjoy it here.

Some pictures from The Samsung (which had an update and is not doing to hot this week):


This cat is the best cat around.


I asked Tara to pick up a veggie for dinner. She (clearly) needs for direction then that. She brought asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, green beans, carrots and zucchini. It was very exciting for me.


Going to a cheesebarn and homemade chocolate shed this week was … yummy. But my jeans don’t fit now. #worthit

What are you listening to? I’ve been listening to The Sound of Music soundtrack. Can you imagine that the movie premiered 50 years ago? In my top 5 favorite movies! I will always cry at the end when Edelweiss is sung.