Links for the week of 3.1.2015

This week has been a whirlwind. The Brother and I went to Ohio and ended up getting stuck on Route 80 for an extra night due to a snowstorm. I did get to see a dear friend and I got a lot of knitting done. However I am so tired that I’ve been in bed and asleep before 10 pm every night since we’ve been home. (This carless, almost 30 year old has no life!!)

Some links that I put together (while I was awake):

Did you wake up last week confused about the dress that was taking the internet by storm? I did. Well the South African Salvation Army took that and make an ad campaign and shed new light on the idea of black and blue! Powerful image. See it here. 

Do you like Girl Scout cookies? (Who doesn’t!?) Well there are 2 different factories and the cookies are a little different? Have you noticed? Read the article from the LA Times Here.

Terminally ill patients were taken to visit an exhibit of Rembrandt paintings in the Netherlands. The idea seems similar to Make A Wish but it is an ambulance. It’s both a sad and uplifting story. Check it out here.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed I love all things UK (except for St. Patrick’s Day and the Fourth of July then I like the British A LOT less.) ANYWAY, here is a look at some of the lovely food you can get in the UK. Enjoy it here.

Some pictures from The Samsung (which had an update and is not doing to hot this week):


This cat is the best cat around.


I asked Tara to pick up a veggie for dinner. She (clearly) needs for direction then that. She brought asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, green beans, carrots and zucchini. It was very exciting for me.


Going to a cheesebarn and homemade chocolate shed this week was … yummy. But my jeans don’t fit now. #worthit

What are you listening to? I’ve been listening to The Sound of Music soundtrack. Can you imagine that the movie premiered 50 years ago? In my top 5 favorite movies! I will always cry at the end when Edelweiss is sung.


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