World’s End State Park

Sorry I didn’t post my favorite links last week. I went to the mountains with Mr. E and I didn’t have ANY cell phone service for 3 long wonderful days. It was actually really nice not checking my work email at all (I haven’t gone that long without checking it in a long time).


Anyway, we went to World’s End State Park and stayed in one of the cabins that the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) built during the Depression. Cabin 17 where we stayed was the most remote of the cabins (built away from the circle of cabins and UP HILL from them). Mr. E likes his privacy so this is his favorite of the cabins there. Upon arrival it was clear that he had never brought a female camping before because the bathroom was WAY to far away for me and up a GIANT hill. haha But that is honestly the only complaint I have for the trip. Mr. E kept the fire going so I was never cold (I was to hot for awhile haha). The food I brought was perfect. The long walk was lovely and provided perfect views of the Loyalsock Creek.

The cabins have a fun little feature of a journal that you can write in about your stay. There were 7 in our cabin dating from 2003. There were funny stories, tales of bears outside the door in the morning, mice in the ceiling, romantic stories, bored kids, people using the book to keep the gin rummy scores. It was like reading a fun time capsule. Mr. E wrote a lovely entry and I added my thoughts (about the bathroom being so far away.)

My camera died the first day (I forgot to turn it off AND forgot the charger) so all the pictures are Mr. E’s. So they are mostly of me. haha Sorry about that. DSC_9115 DSC_9118 IMG_1542 IMG_1572 IMG_1569 IMG_1558 IMG_1557 IMG_1555 IMG_1546 IMG_1551wpid-20150316_151417.jpgwpid-20150316_151411.jpg


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