Links for the week of 3.22.2015

What a whacky week. I spent 1 day in Philadelphia finishing a 8 month work project. The Summer Farmers Market preparations are kicking into high gear. I got my car Friday but she still has some problems. And I would like to sleep till 7 am one morning! But today Mr. E and I are visiting a historic house museum and I have Thursday and Friday off this week! Yay.

Some links I pulled together:

This was a WILDLY disturbing story to read but also interesting. “A strange and lonely hero, SS Officer Kurt Gerstein who tried to save Jews” Here.

It goes without saying that I love cats! But what could be cuter then an Instagram account of a cat living in a FDNY house?! Squeak over the cuteness Here.

There is a man who is living in China giving people free taxi rides and he is writing for NPR about the experience. In this post he writes about attending a wedding 500 miles from Shanghai. Check it out Here.

I spent just under a year living in New York on the Hudson River close to Albany. One of the towns that was close to where I lived was Troy. Troy was a manufacturing town that fell apart when the manufacturing jobs left the area. Well it has had an AWESOME renaissance! Check out what they have to offer Here.

Some photos from the Samsung;


Well we bollocked that up. Haha


Kombucha from the market. A great mid week pick me up.


This is one of my favorite books from when I was younger. Have you ever read it?

What are you listening to? I saw the new live action Cinderella last week and LOVED it. The costumes, the scores, the views. It was wonderful. This past week I have been enjoying the score.


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