Easter Eggs.

The Friday before Easter Mr. E and the Brother wanted to dye Easter eggs. I was thrilled (it’s kind of a chore and I’m just as happy if the eggs stay white). So I set up the process from them and planned to watch them go at it. This of course didn’t happen and I dyed eggs and the three of stood around talking. It was a nice Friday night. Here are some pictures:


DSC_9141 DSC_9135

DSC_9143 DSC_9150 DSC_9147


Link for the week of 4.19.2015

Good Morning! I had a very busy week with work (conference on Monday and a large celebration on Thursday) so another week came and went. But I did find some articles for you!

Have you heard of the new movie “Woman in Gold”? I went to see it last week and I LOVED it. I cried, laughed and was uplifted. Here is an article going into some detail about the Nazi’s stealing art and the rightful owners STILL trying to regain the lost pieces. Here.

For a little bit of fun reading (after the sad movie) I found some EXCELLENT 19th century pick up lines. I think dating would have been A LOT more fun then. Here.

When I was in college I wrote my senior thesis on the fall of the Ottoman Turk Empire. Here is an interesting story about that same time period and the genocide of the Armenian slaughter. Here. 

I’m a sucker for interesting abandoned places. Here are 38 interesting ones! Enjoy, here. 

Some images from my Samsung:
I did not take a single photo this week. Not a one!

What are you listening to? Instead of listening I’ve been re-watching the Gilmore Girls every moment I get. As an adult I find myself MUCH more annoyed with Rory then I did as a teenager. Funny how that growing up thing works, isn’t it?

Links for the week of 4.11.2015

Another crazy week at work. I often feel like I blink and my work week is over and there is always a little more work then week. But I am muddling through. Friday this week I went to Ikea with some friends. I can’t wait to show you the pictures from the trip and some before and afters. But for today here are some links I rounded up on the internet.


As much as I LOVE the Disney versions of fairy tales I know that they are not portrayed the way they were originally intended. Here is a story “The 10 Most Dark and Disturbing Fairy Tales”. Here.

I run a small Farmers’ Market and I love it. However it is constantly amazing how few people know about the importance of fresh vegetables. And what is even more disturbing in the obesity rate in the US (realizing that I am one of the obese I am writing about). A small section of LA is making TINY inroads to deal with this problem by having a farm stand on a corner is S. LA where drug dealers used to stand. It certainly isn’t completely fixing the problem but it is a step. Here.

Some photos from the Samsung:


Mr. E and I being adorable.


Have you ever had a goose egg? They are huge!


I had a sick Phoenix last week but she is recovering.


No big deal. Just The Brother running a 1/2 marathon!

What are you listening to? For me this week it has been a top country playlist on Spotify. There is something about driving with the windows down and singing Toby Keith that makes me unspeakably happy.

Happy birthday to #TheFra

#TheFra and Dziadzi on there wedding day.

#TheFra and Dziadzi on there wedding day.

#theFra turned 79 Sunday and I wanted to take a brief moment and write about just how awesome she is.

#TheFra raised three boys  (who turned into awesome men) and then helped raise The Brother and I.

She is hilarious and loves to laugh and see people laugh.


She is often stoic in the face of whatever is thrown her way.

She is in tune with technology. “Katie I don’t have doldrums because I have my Netflix. TV is a thing of the past.”

She throws a damn good party. If it’s a giant Easter egg hunt or just a few people for dinner she makes everyone feel welcome.

She cooks really good stuffed cabbage.

She puts up with my bullshit. Something I am grateful for.

Birthday wine!

Birthday wine!

She has taught me SO many life lessons. I know how to throw a party, I know to ALWAYS bring a gift, how to hand wash things, how important washing lettuce is, that you should always make your own veggie tray and never buy one and a million other little things that I’ll use for entire life.

Happy Birthday Grandmother. I expect at least another 25 more years. I love you and I’m posting another video of you. I wonder how many “clicks” you’ll get this time.


Links for the week of 4.5.2015

Remember my darling S who came to visit at Christmas? She was here for a very brief overnight this weekend and I miss her already. It is amazing to me the good talks that we can have when I really need them. Thanks S.. for being my soulmate!
I had a fairly normal week after Easter. I did well with my eating Monday and Tuesday and then it all went DOWN hill. *sigh*

Some articles I found this week:

This was a fascinating article about the plight of Afgan women. I highly recommend. “Violence Against Afghan Women Reveals Crisis in Status of Men” Here.

I spent the early part of my career working in the museum field (*sigh* I miss it) and one of the struggles was pulling in a younger crowd. Here is an article from the NY Times about how some museums are bringing teens back into the fold. Here.

“5 Reasons People Can’t Handle Marriage anymore” I found this article really interesting and when I posted it on Facebook I got some great responses. What do you think, married friends, is marriage doomed? Here.

Do you like tea? I never really did until I started drinking it in Ireland (many moons ago) and now that I’m an adult I am a snob. Milky and sweet please. It’s the only drink that I use real sugar in. Here is the story of sugar and tea from NPR. Enjoy it Here.

Photos from my Samsung:



Road trip to discover oxygen.

A few weekends ago Mr. E asked if I wanted to head to a historic site on a Sunday afternoon. Well truth be told it was my first day off in two weeks and I was tired and grumpy and I really didn’t want to. But he sounded earnest and I’m a sucker for making him happy so on this Sunday afternoon I found myself heading for Northumberland and the Joseph Priestly House.


Joseph Priestly was born during in 1733 and did not move to the United States until the 1790’s. He was a theologian, scientist, outdoors-men, teacher and an all around well educated gentleman of the 18th century. He spent most of his life in England and didn’t move to the United States until his teaching on religion got him in a bit of trouble. After having his home and laboratory burned down in the Priestly Riots he fled to London and his 3 sons went to the states to see about purchasing land. They picked Northumberland, PA . Priestly’s wife designed her dream house overlooking the Susquehanna River (although sadly she passed away before the house was completed) and he moved in. Priestly sent the final decade of his life in the home. Dying in the study that he spent much of his time in.

Priestly made many important discoveries including oxygen (and a few other elements), the first Unitarian Church in the United States, he taught students in his home (and was an early proponent of taking them outdoors), among many other important things.

That all being said I went because I love a good house tour. I really couldn’t give a single hoot about science. As 18th century homes go this was a great home. It was big and stately in the English style with lovely view and a great staircase.

This is Priestly's microscope which was pretty awesome to see.

This is Priestly’s microscope which was pretty awesome to see.


The study/library where he eventually passed away.

The study/library where he eventually passed away.

Priestly himself.

Priestly himself.


An out building built by Penn State in the early 20th century. They used the site for outreach courses at Penn State.

An out building built by Penn State in the early 20th century. They used the site for outreach courses at Penn State.

I'm a sucker for an awesome English style door.

I’m a sucker for an awesome English style door.

DSC_9129 DSC_9128

Even though I didn’t want to go it was a BEAUTIFUL day. I always enjoy spending afternoons with Mr. E. He doesn’t need to know how lazy I am. The house sadly is showing the decline of museums. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission turned the house over to the Friends Group and it is showing that. There is only one bedroom furnished and it is Priestly’s daughter in laws room. They didn’t have HIS bedroom on display. The volunteer tour guides also were complaining about the site and way it is run while Mr. E and I were touring (unprofessional much?!). Looks like the house could use a little life blown into it and I hope that happens before it becomes another of the properties that is lost due to funding.

Links for the week of 3.29.2015

Happy Easter! I’m spending the day with the family (and no friends. Boo). And Mr. E is spending the day with his parents. It’s been a VERY short lent. I cheated and ate at my favorite restaurant twice (but I don’t feel guilty they were justified) and I did NOT have a single cheese danish. So you can better you booty that I’m eating a cheese danish for breakfast today.

Some stories I found interesting this week:

Buttons are something that we don’t often think about until they have ripped off your winter coat on the COLDEST day of the year. Here an educator at a historic home in NY looks at how the button can help trace the history or the home. Great read Here.

I can’t imagine teaching anyone to read, write and speak English but here is a 90 (!!!) year old man who comes out once a week to help and has been helping for 25 years. Check him out Here. 

It’s a known fact around here that I love history, particularly the American Revolution, so when I saw this article “10 Amazing Women From the Revolutionary War” I read it as quickly as I could! I’m a HUGE Abigail Adams fan. What about you? Check them out Here.

Some photos from the Samsung (which isn’t holding a charge):


I found 14 hair ties under my bed when cleaning.


Who knew that peanut butter creme Brule was a thing? Well it's amazing.


Easter egg dying!

What are you listening to? This week it’s been The Beatles. The Abbey Road album to be more specific. Who knows why. (PS: I found it on youtube Here.