Book Review: The Glass Magician

glass magician

Remember when I did the book review on the Paper Magician ? Well sometime around Christmas I was cruising along on Amazon and I noticed the sequel had come out. I hit the buy it now button and purchased The Glass Magician. The book was $4.99 at the time and since I had enjoyed the first one and was curious about what was going to happen in the second. And then I sat on it for 2 months without reading it.

When I finally sat down to read I rejoined Ceony at her place at the Magician Thane’s home. The book takes Ceony in another adventure where she makes some foolish decisions which remind you that she is still a young heroine. The book also focuses on the fact that she is in love with her mentor and in the book we don’t if he returns the feeling.

In this story Ceony must stand up against Grath a glass magician who is trying to reopen what happened between Ceony and Lira in the previous book. Luckily she has a new friend (Delilah) to help her out. We also meet back up with Ceony’s beloved paper dog and some of the head magicians in England. Some of whom are a little concerned about what is going on at Magician Thane’s house.

I did not enjoy this book as much as the first because I felt that Ceony in one paragraph was ready to face her adult problems and in the next was acting like a petulant child.  However I am curious to see what happens and am pre-ordering the final book (The Master Magician) in the trilogy which will be coming out in June.

I give this ** 1/2 stars (out of 4).

Have you read anything fun lately?


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