Links for the week of 3.29.2015

Happy Easter! I’m spending the day with the family (and no friends. Boo). And Mr. E is spending the day with his parents. It’s been a VERY short lent. I cheated and ate at my favorite restaurant twice (but I don’t feel guilty they were justified) and I did NOT have a single cheese danish. So you can better you booty that I’m eating a cheese danish for breakfast today.

Some stories I found interesting this week:

Buttons are something that we don’t often think about until they have ripped off your winter coat on the COLDEST day of the year. Here an educator at a historic home in NY looks at how the button can help trace the history or the home. Great read Here.

I can’t imagine teaching anyone to read, write and speak English but here is a 90 (!!!) year old man who comes out once a week to help and has been helping for 25 years. Check him out Here. 

It’s a known fact around here that I love history, particularly the American Revolution, so when I saw this article “10 Amazing Women From the Revolutionary War” I read it as quickly as I could! I’m a HUGE Abigail Adams fan. What about you? Check them out Here.

Some photos from the Samsung (which isn’t holding a charge):


I found 14 hair ties under my bed when cleaning.


Who knew that peanut butter creme Brule was a thing? Well it's amazing.


Easter egg dying!

What are you listening to? This week it’s been The Beatles. The Abbey Road album to be more specific. Who knows why. (PS: I found it on youtube Here.


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