Links for the week of 4.5.2015

Remember my darling S who came to visit at Christmas? She was here for a very brief overnight this weekend and I miss her already. It is amazing to me the good talks that we can have when I really need them. Thanks S.. for being my soulmate!
I had a fairly normal week after Easter. I did well with my eating Monday and Tuesday and then it all went DOWN hill. *sigh*

Some articles I found this week:

This was a fascinating article about the plight of Afgan women. I highly recommend. “Violence Against Afghan Women Reveals Crisis in Status of Men” Here.

I spent the early part of my career working in the museum field (*sigh* I miss it) and one of the struggles was pulling in a younger crowd. Here is an article from the NY Times about how some museums are bringing teens back into the fold. Here.

“5 Reasons People Can’t Handle Marriage anymore” I found this article really interesting and when I posted it on Facebook I got some great responses. What do you think, married friends, is marriage doomed? Here.

Do you like tea? I never really did until I started drinking it in Ireland (many moons ago) and now that I’m an adult I am a snob. Milky and sweet please. It’s the only drink that I use real sugar in. Here is the story of sugar and tea from NPR. Enjoy it Here.

Photos from my Samsung:




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