Happy birthday to #TheFra

#TheFra and Dziadzi on there wedding day.

#TheFra and Dziadzi on there wedding day.

#theFra turned 79 Sunday and I wanted to take a brief moment and write about just how awesome she is.

#TheFra raised three boys  (who turned into awesome men) and then helped raise The Brother and I.

She is hilarious and loves to laugh and see people laugh.


She is often stoic in the face of whatever is thrown her way.

She is in tune with technology. “Katie I don’t have doldrums because I have my Netflix. TV is a thing of the past.”

She throws a damn good party. If it’s a giant Easter egg hunt or just a few people for dinner she makes everyone feel welcome.

She cooks really good stuffed cabbage.

She puts up with my bullshit. Something I am grateful for.

Birthday wine!

Birthday wine!

She has taught me SO many life lessons. I know how to throw a party, I know to ALWAYS bring a gift, how to hand wash things, how important washing lettuce is, that you should always make your own veggie tray and never buy one and a million other little things that I’ll use for entire life.

Happy Birthday Grandmother. I expect at least another 25 more years. I love you and I’m posting another video of you. I wonder how many “clicks” you’ll get this time.



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