Links for the week of 4.11.2015

Another crazy week at work. I often feel like I blink and my work week is over and there is always a little more work then week. But I am muddling through. Friday this week I went to Ikea with some friends. I can’t wait to show you the pictures from the trip and some before and afters. But for today here are some links I rounded up on the internet.


As much as I LOVE the Disney versions of fairy tales I know that they are not portrayed the way they were originally intended. Here is a story “The 10 Most Dark and Disturbing Fairy Tales”. Here.

I run a small Farmers’ MarketĀ and I love it. However it is constantly amazing how few people know about the importance of fresh vegetables. And what is even more disturbing in the obesity rate in the US (realizing that I am one of the obese I am writing about). A small section of LA is making TINY inroads to deal with this problem by having a farm stand on a corner is S. LA where drug dealers used to stand. It certainly isn’t completely fixing the problem but it is a step. Here.

Some photos from the Samsung:


Mr. E and I being adorable.


Have you ever had a goose egg? They are huge!


I had a sick Phoenix last week but she is recovering.


No big deal. Just The Brother running a 1/2 marathon!

What are you listening to? For me this week it has been a top country playlist on Spotify. There is something about driving with the windows down and singing Toby Keith that makes me unspeakably happy.


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