Link for the week of 4.19.2015

Good Morning! I had a very busy week with work (conference on Monday and a large celebration on Thursday) so another week came and went. But I did find some articles for you!

Have you heard of the new movie “Woman in Gold”? I went to see it last week and I LOVED it. I cried, laughed and was uplifted. Here is an article going into some detail about the Nazi’s stealing art and the rightful owners STILL trying to regain the lost pieces. Here.

For a little bit of fun reading (after the sad movie) I found some EXCELLENT 19th century pick up lines. I think dating would have been A LOT more fun then. Here.

When I was in college I wrote my senior thesis on the fall of the Ottoman Turk Empire. Here is an interesting story about that same time period and the genocide of the Armenian slaughter. Here. 

I’m a sucker for interesting abandoned places. Here are 38 interesting ones! Enjoy, here. 

Some images from my Samsung:
I did not take a single photo this week. Not a one!

What are you listening to? Instead of listening I’ve been re-watching the Gilmore Girls every moment I get. As an adult I find myself MUCH more annoyed with Rory then I did as a teenager. Funny how that growing up thing works, isn’t it?


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