Welcome 2016. I’ve been waiting for you.

I’ve wanted to get back into this blog for months but I just couldn’t seem to get my head together for it. And honestly I don’t know which direction we will go in in the coming year. First off, I’m 3 months into year 29 meaning 30 is flashing ahead like a giant stop light and is making me incredibly uncomfortable with the direction my life has gone. But isn’t that the way of things?

Last year around this time I talked about getting back to basics with Weight Watchers and talked a little about the weight I had gained and made some excuses for myself. Well I’ve got the same excuses this year:

  • Mother dying 15 months ago
  • Meeting Mr. E, falling in love, having my heart broken in           downtown Scranton
  • Buying a car, major car accident in said car the next day
  • Open heart surgery (which is why I stopped writing)
  • Trying to get my feet under me at work
  • Having the little brother and three of my best friends move away

All of these things led to eating and drinking (I rediscovered alcohol in the last 3 months. Good booze is the way to go!) All and all since the day my Mom died I have gained around 35 pounds. The final 15 being gained post open heart surgery. I’ve now been playing with the same 10 since Mr. E and I broke up.  I’m also back to wearing XL clothes, my beautiful Lands End jacket doesn’t fit and my face is getting round again. So my New Years resolution is to complete a January Whole 30. Meaning I won’t be eating dairy (gasp), grains, legumes and anything over processed. I tried to do this just before my surgery in June but it just wasn’t the right time. I feel more prepared now and ready. So fingers crossed it helps.

The last few months have been full of changes for me. Good things; strengthening friendships since my surgery, the humbling experience of needing help, a loving a caring family, falling in love with the cutest little baby CB. And not great things everyone I love moving away (not really but it felt like it), break-up and feeling like I should never have trusted that person like I did, a loss of faith in the church. I’m hoping that 2016 is full of some good news and good things. I hope to continue to come into my own professionally this year, strengthen my friendships a little more be open to all the changes life throws at me.

Thanks for listening. Also, I’ve been meaning to write down all the thoughts and feelings and things that happened during my open heart surgery and recovery and I will. I don’t want to forget all those feelings and days. Also, here are some pictures from the last few months.


Flowers blooming in December


I cut my hair!!


baby CB


The Church Christmas Eve


#TheFra thinking she is a VS Angel


The Brother came home!


#TheFra likes to drink her booze.


I saw Third Eye Blind!