New Years Eve. Or the party that dissolved into anarchy.

I wrote a very nice blog post this morning and promptly deleted it when I went to add photos. *sigh* Happy New Year to me.

Last night I spent a wonderful evening at a friends house (I’ll call her N here). N, A and myself enjoyed a lovely dinner. Loud laughter, good conversation, wonderful food and excellent drinks. It was a perfect way to end 2015. On a high note and with plans to make 2016 better then 2015!wp-1451651410080.jpg

I want to make a note here that N is a vegetarian and is proof that vegetarians can eat interesting food that do not involve hip hugging pasta. ha. She also loves mushrooms which makes her A number 1 in my book. #ballsofFiber #myfavorite

We started the evening off with a warm brie dish that N and A discovered in Washington state last spring. It is incredibly complicated to make. 1 piece of brie (I like it with the rind) in a baking dish, pour honey and slivered almonds on top. Pop into a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes and serve whatever lovely bread you have handy.wp-1451652181699.jpg

For the main course we had an onion tart, roasted cauliflower with kalamata olives and N’s famous salad. First the onion tart is from a book called Vegetable Literacy and the cauliflower was from  Epicurious (I hope) Now N’s salad. This is my favorite thing that she makes.

N’s Tarragon Salad

In a salad bowl mix greens of your choice, a roma tomato, scallions and thinly sliced radish. Pour in tarragon vinegar to taste, olive oil and Celtic sea salt.wp-1451742164372.jpg

Now dessert. That was a truly special thing. N made a Banbury cake from a SHAKESPEAREAN recipe! The book is called Shakespeare’s Kitchen. I highly recommend the book. The recipes in the book look amazing. Anyway, the cake was a spice cake with a currant puree on top. Amazing.wp-1451651410069.jpg

Now onto the alcohol. I did not drink for around 2 years. Desperately trying to lose weight, liver problems. It just wasn’t worth it to have rum and diet coke at the bar. And then there was a this exhibit at the Everhart Museum in town and it was all about cocktails. And I was fascinated. And I discovered that really good booze is totally worth the points. Also, I am not 21 anymore. I have to cap at two or three drinks or I have a headache the next day. #old We started the evening with a Stormy Morning moved onto a Dark and Stormy and capped the evening with one of my new favorite drinks Aviation. I am converted to the lovely thing that is Creme De Violette. #Sogood And the Stormy Morning #candy

I was home in bed on NYE by 11:45 and reading. Which was a great way to ring in the New Year. Probably not the fastest way to meet a man but blah men are work. And after the last date I went on — well I may just give up. But that’s a story for a different day. As of publishing I’ve finished day one of Whole30 which I suppose isn’t something to be that proud of BUT cooking New Year’s day dinner for your family and not eating ice cream or cookies is something to rejoice.wp-1451651410078.jpg

So here I am looking to 30 and hopefully being a healthy version of me! Happy New Year! Let’s do this!


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