Baby blanket

As I’ve referenced in all of my recent posts I have recently fallen in love (with a 5 month old) named CB (for internet purposes). Anyway his Momma asked me to make him a baby blanket because he didn’t have any that were made just for him (he has an older sister and she has a shelf full of blankets. I know this because after she tucked me in with all of them I had to fold them and put them away. #2yearsoldsaremessy)

Well I trotted over to Ravelry (the mecca for knitters and crocheters everywhere) and started looking for the perfect pattern. After the search began I understood why no one had made this kid a blanket. They were all terribly girly. Finally I stumbled upon the Baby Tree of Life Throw. Here is the original pattern which I still felt was a little girly.  Well in looking through the MANY projects that had been completed I found someone who had changed the pattern a bit and published it. It’s here. Much more my speed.

So I trotted up to Michaels on Christmas Eve with the Brother to get the yarn (even though I had Christmas things that needed finished. I could not ignore the siren call of a wee little baby blanket). I decided to use Vanna’s Choice yarn witch is 100% acrylic (#GASP) I am a yarn snob so this was a hard decision to make. I like to use the very best. But I know how busy Mom’s are and I know how often CB pukes. So it needed to be machine washable. (But lets hope Mom doesn’t put it in the dryer all the time.)

Fast forward about a month and I have finished blanket that has been washed and blocked. I was finally able to use my Knitpicks blocking wires (here is a video showing how to use them).

Now I’m onto the Downton Abbey Cardigan for myself. Because I deserve a new cardigan.
This is the big sister. She’s a diva in the best way possible. She also wormed her way into my black heart.


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