In a world that seems to have more bad news then good how do you go on? How do you get up, have breakfast, go to work, work all day, come home, make dinner, watch TV and go to bed? Today I woke up (again) to a news alert on my phone. I assumed that it was yet another political notification (every time Trump uses the loo I’m getting a notification it seems.) Sadly though that was not the case this morning. This morning it was 13 confirmed dead in a terror attack in Brussels. Instead of having quiet time with my coffee I turned the news on hoping that there were answers about what had happened but there were none. So I made breakfast, got dressed, put makeup on and went to work. When I got to work I looked at my to-do list and it felt to trivial.  Who cares where the Farmers’ Market ends up? Does it matter if the banner hangs over Cedar Avenue? If I don’t get my flyer approved it doesn’t really matter. So I sat at my desk working and checking the news. Tearing up a few times at the solidarity shown to these people from around the world. I know there is nothing I can do from my little desk on Cedar Avenue. I can’t personally end terrorism, I do not have money to donate to relief funds, or answers to the many questions floating around. I guess really all I can do is get up, have breakfast, go to work, order the banner, make the flyers, go home, eat dinner and try to be a positive person. I can smile at people on the street. I can decide to not live in fear and depression because the state of our world is terrible. I can hope that things get better. I think hope is what keeps us going. So tonight I am grasping onto my hope and praying for the entire world.



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