Links for the week 1/18/2015

Work this week was … interesting. So I am going to enjoy my Sunday off by organizing and spending it with some friends.

Some links from the past week:

I am by no means a professional photographer (bhahahahahaha can you even imagine!?) but there are many out there who are. Here is a guy whose image was used by Kenneth Cole without his permission and the YEARS it took to correct things (although the story doesn’t end with everyone being happy). Read his story Here. 

Have you met this years Gerber Baby? So sweet. Makes my heart melt. Check her out Here.

A missing manuscript was discovered at Duke University and was recently returned to Mt. Athos. I love when priceless artifacts are returned to where they belong. Read the tale of woe Here.

An awesome artist spent a lot of time in a Starbucks drawing Middle Earth on cups! They look awesome. Here.

Did you know women who use Twitter and Instagram are less stressed. Awesome article Here. (Also check me out on Instagram (Katherkear) and Twitter @Katherkear )

Some fun photos from the Samsung:


We finally got some snow. I of course had to trudge through it to work.


#FamilyDinner night. The Brother and Suzi don’t like to wait.


PS: I went to the casino with #TheFra and she gave me 20 bucks. And I walked out with 150!!!!!!! Yay!