At work recently it has been brought to my attention that I am a negative Nancy. I’ve been called a lot of things (many of the words can’t be used on a website that a child might find!) but this word for some reason hurt me deeply. It has certainly caused me to look inwardly. Am I negative? Do I look on the bright side? Do people not want to be around me because I am a negative part of there life? So I pondered. Complained to some of the people I love most in the world. Rearranged my desk at work. Hid in the bathroom at work and teared up a little bit. Yep. This comment said in what was supposed to be a funny manner (around 5 times!) has bothered me so much that I’ve resorted to hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes. #awesome #Ihatebeingagirl

So the question. Am I negative? Well after much soul searching I think I am. Katie, almost 30, single, career oriented, negative. I didn’t like this realization. I thought that I was dealing with everything OK. I mean after my surgery I had some MAJOR open heart surgery blues. But I got through them. (Without medication because my cardiologist and primary doctor could not agree on anything for me to take that wouldn’t jeopardize my heart.) My mom died at 51, 15 months ago. My friends moved away. The Brother moved. Mr. E dumped me. Work is frustrating. Woe is me.¬†So yes I’m negative. But I am going to work on it.

But where do I begin? #Scratcheshead I’ve started to read a daily devotional on being positive. But I read it before bed. Maybe I should read it when the author intended when I wake up. Start the day with something positive. Instead of getting up and immediately starting breakfast spend 5 minutes reading something positive.

Work on the words I use at work. Be more positive and less of looking at the negative side. BUT I will still be real. A lot of what I do has been tried before my tenure as the Elm Street Manager and while I’ve been in this position. If I think/know from experience something isn’t going to work I will still say that I’ll just work on saying it in a more positive light.

All that being said I am a work in progress. I feel kind of negative about most things. Especially at work. All that is keeping me going some weeks is the Farmers’ Market. And for awhile the Winter Market was doing dismally and I was pretty negative about that also. *sigh* I’m the worst.

Any ideas of what I can do to be more positive?! Come on internet DO NOT LET ME DOWN! ūüėČ

I feel like this is the saddest most miserable post ever. So I will post something good. I’m going to NYC in a few weeks to see the Vikings Show at the Discovery Center with a friend. I’m also going to see my beloved friend Erin. I also have good health, good friends, good family and #TheFra. I am a lucky person. Even if I sound ungrateful. (I’ll work on that also. It seems I have a lot to work on ha.)


New Years Eve. Or the party that dissolved into anarchy.

I wrote a very nice blog post this morning and promptly deleted it when I went to add photos. *sigh* Happy New Year to me.

Last night I spent a wonderful evening at a friends house (I’ll call her N here). N, A and myself enjoyed a lovely dinner. Loud laughter, good conversation, wonderful food and excellent drinks. It was a perfect way to end 2015. On a high note and with plans to make 2016 better then 2015!wp-1451651410080.jpg

I want to make a note here that N is a vegetarian and is proof that vegetarians can eat interesting food that do not involve hip hugging pasta. ha. She also loves mushrooms which makes her A number 1 in my book. #ballsofFiber #myfavorite

We started the evening off with a warm brie dish that N and A discovered in Washington state last spring. It is incredibly complicated to make. 1 piece of brie (I like it with the rind) in a baking dish, pour honey and slivered almonds on top. Pop into a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes and serve whatever lovely bread you have handy.wp-1451652181699.jpg

For the main course we had an onion tart, roasted cauliflower with kalamata olives and N’s famous salad. First the onion tart is from a book called Vegetable Literacy and the¬†cauliflower was from ¬†Epicurious (I hope) Now N’s salad. This is my favorite thing that she makes.

N’s Tarragon Salad

In a salad bowl mix greens of your choice, a roma tomato, scallions and thinly sliced radish. Pour in tarragon vinegar to taste, olive oil and Celtic sea salt.wp-1451742164372.jpg

Now dessert. That was a truly special thing. N made a Banbury cake from a SHAKESPEAREAN recipe! The book is called Shakespeare’s Kitchen. I highly recommend the book. The recipes in the book look amazing. Anyway, the cake was a spice cake with a currant puree on top. Amazing.wp-1451651410069.jpg

Now onto the alcohol. I did not drink for around 2 years. Desperately trying to lose weight, liver problems. It just wasn’t worth it to have rum and diet coke at the bar. And then there was a this exhibit at the Everhart Museum in town and it was all about cocktails. And I was fascinated. And I discovered that really good booze is totally worth the points. Also, I am not 21 anymore. I have to cap at two or three drinks or I have a headache the next day. #old We started the evening with a Stormy Morning moved onto a Dark and Stormy and capped the evening with one of my new favorite drinks Aviation. I am converted to the lovely thing that is Creme De Violette. #Sogood And the Stormy Morning #candy

I was home in bed on NYE by 11:45 and reading. Which was a great way to ring in the New Year. Probably not the fastest way to meet a man but blah men are work. And after the last date I went on — well I may just give up. But that’s a story for a different day. As of publishing I’ve finished day one of Whole30 which I suppose isn’t something to be that proud of BUT cooking New Year’s day dinner for your family and not eating ice cream or cookies is something to rejoice.wp-1451651410078.jpg

So here I am looking to 30 and hopefully being a healthy version of me! Happy New Year! Let’s do this!

Links for the week of 2/8/2015

Happy belated Valentines day. I hope your day was full of smiles, hearts and maybe some roses!

Some articles I found interesting:

Since the New Year I’ve been dabbling in some meditation before bed. I’ve been testing the Headspace app BUT I find the price cost prohibitive. Here are some (free and paid) meditation apps. Here¬†Do you meditate? It’s been helping me sleep.

Will you be my Valentine? I think if you sent me these vintage Disney one’s I’d be yours. Here

Some photos from the Samsung:


The Wells Fargo in Philadelphia is pretty epic.


Things I want for my next party.


#theFra and my Aunt at a fun Swedish dinner


My and Daddy!

What are you listening to? I’m pretty hooked on Hozier right now. I love his voice and the style of his music. And it’s kinda awesome that he’s Irish.

Links for the week 1/18/2015

Work this week was … interesting.¬†So I am going to enjoy my Sunday off by organizing and spending it with some friends.

Some links from the past week:

I am by no means a professional photographer (bhahahahahaha can you even imagine!?) but there are many out there who are. Here is a guy whose image was used by Kenneth Cole without his permission and the YEARS it took to correct things (although the story doesn’t end with everyone being happy). Read his story Here.¬†

Have you met this years Gerber Baby? So sweet. Makes my heart melt. Check her out Here.

A missing manuscript was discovered at Duke University and was recently returned to Mt. Athos. I love when priceless artifacts are returned to where they belong. Read the tale of woe Here.

An awesome artist spent a lot of time in a Starbucks drawing Middle Earth on cups! They look awesome. Here.

Did you know women who use Twitter and Instagram are less stressed. Awesome article Here. (Also check me out on Instagram (Katherkear) and Twitter @Katherkear )

Some fun photos from the Samsung:


We finally got some snow. I of course had to trudge through it to work.


#FamilyDinner night. The Brother and Suzi don’t like to wait.


PS: I went to the casino with #TheFra and she gave me 20 bucks. And I walked out with 150!!!!!!! Yay!