At work recently it has been brought to my attention that I am a negative Nancy. I’ve been called a lot of things (many of the words can’t be used on a website that a child might find!) but this word for some reason hurt me deeply. It has certainly caused me to look inwardly. Am I negative? Do I look on the bright side? Do people not want to be around me because I am a negative part of there life? So I pondered. Complained to some of the people I love most in the world. Rearranged my desk at work. Hid in the bathroom at work and teared up a little bit. Yep. This comment said in what was supposed to be a funny manner (around 5 times!) has bothered me so much that I’ve resorted to hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes. #awesome #Ihatebeingagirl

So the question. Am I negative? Well after much soul searching I think I am. Katie, almost 30, single, career oriented, negative. I didn’t like this realization. I thought that I was dealing with everything OK. I mean after my surgery I had some MAJOR open heart surgery blues. But I got through them. (Without medication because my cardiologist and primary doctor could not agree on anything for me to take that wouldn’t jeopardize my heart.) My mom died at 51, 15 months ago. My friends moved away. The Brother moved. Mr. E dumped me. Work is frustrating. Woe is me. So yes I’m negative. But I am going to work on it.

But where do I begin? #Scratcheshead I’ve started to read a daily devotional on being positive. But I read it before bed. Maybe I should read it when the author intended when I wake up. Start the day with something positive. Instead of getting up and immediately starting breakfast spend 5 minutes reading something positive.

Work on the words I use at work. Be more positive and less of looking at the negative side. BUT I will still be real. A lot of what I do has been tried before my tenure as the Elm Street Manager and while I’ve been in this position. If I think/know from experience something isn’t going to work I will still say that I’ll just work on saying it in a more positive light.

All that being said I am a work in progress. I feel kind of negative about most things. Especially at work. All that is keeping me going some weeks is the Farmers’ Market. And for awhile the Winter Market was doing dismally and I was pretty negative about that also. *sigh* I’m the worst.

Any ideas of what I can do to be more positive?! Come on internet DO NOT LET ME DOWN! 😉

I feel like this is the saddest most miserable post ever. So I will post something good. I’m going to NYC in a few weeks to see the Vikings Show at the Discovery Center with a friend. I’m also going to see my beloved friend Erin. I also have good health, good friends, good family and #TheFra. I am a lucky person. Even if I sound ungrateful. (I’ll work on that also. It seems I have a lot to work on ha.)



The South Side Farmer’s Market opened on 6.21 for the 2014 season and #TheFra and I went and bought a ton of great stuff. As I said before the Market has everything from fresh vegetables to meat to locally made honey! It’s a lot of fun to get home from the Market scratch your head a bit and say what am I going to make with all of these beautiful things?!

I was looking at the bacon I had bought and all I could think about was that I hadn’t had a BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwich in almost two years. (I spent last summer thinking that I was gluten intolerant so I didn’t eat bread. And what it a BLT without the bread?!) So I fried up the beautiful bacon that I bought from Quails R-Us sliced up some whole wheat bread from Beta Bread Bakery and #TheFra and I enjoyed sandwiches with a side of sugar snap peas (which I sauteed in some leftover bacon grease with pepper).

DSC_8294 DSC_8288


For desert we had tea and a lemon ginger scone with fresh strawberries from Purple Peppers Farm. It was the perfect day for sitting on the back porch and enjoying the weather. A light breeze just enough sun and no reason to feel guilty that I wasn’t being productive because I finished the gardening before I went to the market.


I spent the afternoon learning to sew but that is a story for a different day.


South Side Farmers Market


I’ve been lucky enough to help with the South Side Farmers Market for the last few years and it finally started this past Saturday. It’s the perfect sized market (ranging between 10 and 15 vendors a weekend) for people of all ages. #TheFra loves to go because she can walk the entire market by herself without help. It’s great to bring kids because they can spend some time playing in the field (running off energy on a Saturday is so important!) and it’s great for people who really believe in the Buy Fresh, Buy Local mantra.

It’s also a lot of fun the the Farmers Market is at the Scranton Iron Furnaces. The sight was home of a 19th century Iron company and is made up of the 4 blast furnaces that remain. I’ll probably spend a lot of time talking about the Iron Furnaces The site is right by downtown Scranton and in South Scranton (where I live and work) so a lot of people can walk (although there is parking for the drivers out there).

I’ll be working at the market every other weekend throughout the summer and I look forward to posting more about the Market and lots of pictures. For now I leave you with this awesome picture of my brother and a friend buying ALL OF THE THINGS last year and hope that you’ll visit me soon!

1375770_520295238065514_535916353_nPS: We have a wine vendor. 😉